President Bush at the Florida School: New Conflicting Testimonies

(Elizabeth Woodworth is a colleague of David Ray Griffin. In this piece, Woodworth examines media reports about Bush's non-action at the Booker Elementary, and warns about URLs that seem to change like the wind. Please distribute widely. -r.)

President Bush at the Florida School: New Conflicting Testimonies

by Elizabeth Woodworth
July 6, 2007

There is a completely overlooked report in the September 1, 2002 Tampa Tribune which strongly suggests an early coverup over how long President Bush remained in the Sarasota classroom after he received Andrew Card’s whispered message that the second tower had been hit.

Sitting at close range was Grade 2 school teacher Sandra Kay Daniels, whose virtually unknown account of events was published at the anniverary of 9/11, on Sept. 1, 2002, in the Tampa Tribune:

Don't ask what was in George W. Bush's letter to the teacher whose late father was the son of a former slave.
"Uh-uh-uh. No, no, no," Daniels says, her voice rippling with don't-go-there warnings about the personal note she received around Sept. 17, 2001. "That will remain sacred."
Daniels, you see, was standing near Bush last Sept. 11 when White House chief of staff Andrew Card whispered in the presidential ear of tragedies. Precisely what Card said is uncertain, but he reportedly told Bush - who already knew a commercial plane had struck the north tower of New York's World Trade Center - that the south tower also had been hit.
In that instant, Daniels says, she knew "this wasn't the same person who had sat down in that chair." Bush grimaced and, obviously lost in thought, forgot about the book in his lap.... Bush picked up the book and read with the students for eight or nine minutes.

...While Bush was contemplating Card's remarks, Daniels' thoughts were a blur. She knew something was amiss; nonetheless, she had to carry on with the lesson. "I couldn't gently kick him. ... I couldn't say, "OK, Mr. President. Pick up your book, sir. The whole world is watching.' " I know he is the president, but that was my room he was in."
As he was leaving Daniels' room, he told her only, "There are matters I have to attend to." He didn't explain anything to her class. Instead, he went into the school's media center, where he made a televised statement to a room crammed with reporters, guests, parents and students who had hoped to chat with him. (1)

Apart from the fact that Ms. Daniels reported having later received a personal communication from the President, this report is not remarkable, until it is compared with two other accounts of Ms. Daniels’ experience that day, both published in large mainstream newspapers within 12 days of her first account.

First, Ms. Daniels’ account in the Los Angeles Times reported that Bush left in fairly short order:

“I knew something was up when President Bush didn't pick up the book and participate in the lesson. Mentally, he left me. I still didn't know what had happened. He said, 'Mrs. Daniels, I have to leave now. I am going to leave Lt. Gov. Frank Brogan here to do the speech for me.' Looking at his face, you knew something was wrong. I said a little prayer for him. He shook my hand and left.” (2)

And the next day, September 12th, the New York Post carried a much different account, in which Daniels claimed that the president “bolted” from the classroom:

“Sandra Daniels recalled yesterday how she and her class learned of the terror attacks - when a federal agent rushed into the room to inform the president of the United States.
President Bush had been presiding over her reading class last 9/11, when a Secret Service agent interrupted the lesson and asked, "Where can we get to a television? "The president bolted right out of here and told me: ‘Take over,' " Daniels told The Post yesterday. "I knew something serious had happened, and then a short while later he came back and said, ‘What we thought was an airline accident turned out to be a terrorist hijack.'" (3)

There had been no general public knowledge of Bush staring into space for long minutes until “Fahrenheit 9/11” appeared in June 2004. In July 2004, Understanding the “War on Terrorism”: Engineering Public Opinion, appeared, along with a short appendix: “A Year Later -- Attempting to Rewrite History.” (4)

This appendix shows that the official story was revised on the first anniversary of 9/11 through various media accounts, under the direction of White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card (5), and that the Booker elementary school in Florida also participated in the revisions. The Tampa Tribune account, which is almost impossible to find on the Web, has not to date been compared with these revisionist accounts, and when seen together, the results are staggering. What happened to cause Ms. Daniels to change her story within 12 days?

In summary, the original question:

1. Why was Bush allowed to remain in the school for 30 minutes while the country was under attack?

has expanded into:

2. Why, in turn, was a media campaign undertaken by Andrew Card the following year to rewrite this strange occurrence?

and finally, a third as-yet-unexplored question arises from the second:

3. Why is the intriguing 2002 Tampa Tribune account of Ms. Daniels’ experience (which mirrors the 2004 Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary) virtually unavailable on the Internet? And why do the Daniels’ revisionist accounts, published in mainstream newspapers, appear to have been systematically concealed behind changing titles and broken links?

Even the Aldridge appendix is not currently quoted on the Web.

It is essential to keep the trail of such contradictions alive and free from possible hacking. These report links, now restored within this article, should be made openly available by the 9/11 truth community for consultation and analysis.

And the truth movement should be on the alert for possible interference with its knowledge base.

* * * * * * *


1. Jennifer Barrs. “From A Whisper To A Tear”, The Tampa Tribune, September 1, 2002.

2. 9/11: A Year After / WHO WE ARE NOW Sandra Kay Daniels 'Looking at his face, you knew something was wrong. I said a little prayer for him.' Los Angeles Times, Sept. 11, 2002,

3. Malcolm Balfour, Tragic Lesson, The New York Post, September 12, 2002

4. Bob Aldridge. “A Year Later – Attempting to Rewrite History.” In: Understanding the ‘War on Terrorism’: Engineering Public Opinion, p. 104. July 2004.

5. Ibid. “In a 9 September 2002 interview on NBC’s “The News With Brian Williams,” Card said that after he told the President about the second plane, “not that many seconds later the president excused himself from the classroom and we gathered in the holding room and talked about the situation.

“Two days later, on the anniversary date itself, Card had an article published in the San Francisco Chronicle. He described Bush’s reactions after being told about the second plane: “He looked up – it was only a matter of seconds, but it seemed like minutes – and I thought that he was outstanding in his ability not to scare either the American people that were paying attention to the cameras or, more importantly, the students that were in the classrooms. And he just excused himself very politely to the teacher and to the students, and he left.” Ref: Andrew Card. “9.11 Voices. What if you had to tell the President?” San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 11, 2002.


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There has been much monkey

There has been much monkey business in the media concerning what actually happened at Booker. As Bush is CIC, he should have been immediately "in the loop" and immediately secured by the Secret Service, who are not trained to defer to the feelings of schoolchildren when executing their duties. Moreover, as the SS had an office in WTC7 and was monitoring the FAA, it would have been brutally clear to them what was going down at 8:46 (before Bush entered Booker), not 9:05 when Card stepped in. Even a school child can see that "someone" stood down the SS detail at Booker.

With this in mind, consider the industrial-strength damage control evident in a mainstream book like Philip Melanson's The Secret Service (2005), which claims that the SS leapt into action from the moment Bush learned of the attacks JUST BEFORE 9:30. Think about the audacity of that lie, a year after Moore had popularized the Booker footage.

What the SS did at 9:30 was allow Bush to appear LIVE on camera to make a nationally broadcast statement from a publicized location EXACTLY WHEN HE WAS SCHEDULED TO DO SO, 44 minutes after the first attack.

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error in the first sentence

enjoyed the article but I wanted to point out to the author / editor that booker elementary is in sarasota not saratoga.