Presidential Candidate Senator Mike Gravel Has "No Problem" with new 9/11 investigations

Last month, on June 6th, member of Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Eric Jackman, asked former Senator Gravel;

"It's been reported that you will support a new global investigation into the events of September 11th, do you care to elaborate on that?"

Gravel responded: "Well, as much I know... I've had several people approach me on that, and I said, I have no problem, because every time we had an investigation of the Kennedy assassination, we learned more, and we've had several of those investigations, and we kept learning more, and learning more. So I don't think that there's any harm, in having additional investigations as to what really happened on 9/11."

This is an extremely strong and positive public statement from a political candidate with a dedicated base, and very candid views on the Military Industrial Complex;

"The Military-Industrial-Complex not only controls our government, lock, stock and barrel, but they control our culture."

Gravel could kick awareness of 9/11 skepticism, 9/11 Truth, whatever you want to call it, onto an entirely new level given the chance. Yesterday, Gravel's Press Secretary, Alex Colvin, posted this statement in a 9/11 thread on the Senator's campaign website forum;

Thanks to everybody committed to the 9/11 truth movement who have forwarded us films and literature concerning 9/11. We have taken [a] considerable amount of time to look into this issue, there is a lot of evidence to sift through. After careful consideration and much study, Senator Gravel agrees that an independent inquiry is indeed needed to get to the bottom of what happened on September 11, 2001.

Senator Gravel and his campaign, have now set a benchmark for the other Presidential candidates. The Kucinich campaign should take note that there is now another candidate on the record about new 9/11 investigations. Although Gravel doesn't have Committee powers like Kucinich does, Kucinich should be encouraged that making public statements on new 9/11 investigations is welcome, and wanted, and he should consider broadening his investigations.

Ron Paul should be encouraged to make a public statement supporting new investigations into the events of 9/11. He now has a new benchmark to meet.

If you make a contribution to Gravel because of these statements, let him know why.

this is huge

glad to see this caught on at 911B.
watch Mike's videos, especially "rock" and "fire"!

Instantly Gravel becomes my favorite presidential candidate.

But he needs to say this on camera in front of millions of people for it to mean anything, in the debates, on his homepage. Maybe that'll be the next benchmark?.

We'll have to see if the MSM picks up on the conversation at all. I am hopeful but skeptical.

Gravel is nice but has no chance

Ron Paul has 1000x the grassroots support that Gravel does. Don't get me wrong, I'm also a fan of Gravel but I think Ron Paul is the only choice at this point. RP already has more money than McCain and just won the NH straw poll.

"Our country's founders cherished liberty, not democracy."
-Ron Paul

That's only true if we ignore him!

No candidate working for the public instead of the military-industrial-media Empire can win if we choose to not help him. The Empire does all it can to stop such candidates. This time, we must not let them win!

Enact real democracy at

Isn't Gravel Pushing for a Global Carbon Tax?

If so, we need to call him on it. This is gonna kill the middle class first and foremost. He doesn't seem like a globalist. Let's at least inform him of how this new environmental hype is not being led by environmentalists nor is the new hype for environmentalists.

I have said it before: a Ron

I have said it before: a Ron Paul/Mike Gravel ticket in 2008 would be the progressive dream ticket. Both strong on several progressive issues, anti-military industrial complex, anti-Federal Reserve, anti big government, strong constitutionalists, pro 9/11 investigations, the list goes on and on. And best of all, bi-partisan, with a representative from both the Republican and Democratic parties.


If you send a campaign contribution to any of these folks -- Gravel or Paul or Kucinich -- be sure to also send a note telling them why.

Mention the urgent need for getting at 9/11 truth.

Actions speak louder than words.

If the Senator is really serious about what he is saying, I think he should introduce some legislation in the Senate to get the entire Executive Branch investigated or he can help push the legislation that a former Congresswoman entered just before leaving. I do wish I was better remembering names. Cynthia something. Shame on me. I am sorry.

Sort of like during the Civil War battles, when the color bearer got hit someone else would pick up the colors and keep it going.

She entered some legislation and it fell flat and has stayed there.

Why hasn't anybody replaced her and pushed her bill ?

Mike Gravel is a former U.S. Senator.

He has been out of office for a long time, but working on plans to empower the public to make laws ourselves. We can solve many problems with his National Initiative for Democracy.

Enact real democracy at


I think that would be Cynthia McKinney?

Personal experience with Gravel

Mr. Gravel is unfortunately, a clown who would say anything to be a legitimate candidate. I sincerely doubt his commitment to the search for the full truth.

I've had personal experience with him outside his campaign,, and he was rude, boorish and unbelievably condescending.