Papers, please -- Brother Elliott of Beit Shalom Ministries Arrested by Indiana Police

UPDATE: Brother Elliott has produced his papers and has been released by the Vigo County Jail and has a court appearance on Monday, July 9th.
UPDATE 2: Elliott and Raymond have just retrieved their video camera, to find that the incident, which had been entirely caught on tape, is no longer recorded. Rather, the time is filled with black silence. A hearing has been scheduled for tomorrow morning. If Elliott pleads not guilty, the judge will hear the case at that time.

Beit Shalom ministries -- an outreach of the Protestant Free Church Movement and strong proponent of 9/11 truth -- has been hassled in its "Denver to D.C. - Walk for the Truth" tour. Below is the latest from

Please call the numbers below and politely yet firmly demand that freedom of speech be respected and that fascist tendencies be nipped in the bud before America becomes an unrecognizable country.

Today, Sunday, July 8, 2007 Brother Elliott of Beit Shalom Ministries, (currently walking from Denver to DC for truth, an end to the war, as a call especially to Christians), was arrested and detained by West Terre Haute Police officers in the state of Indiana for “Failure to Identify” because he refused to show identification to Indiana law enforcement officials. I have phoned the Vigo County Jail where Brother Elliott was taken and I was told:

* Brother Elliot is currently being detained at the Vigo County Jail charged with the crime of “Failure to Identify” a Class C Misdemeanor.
* Brother Elliott was arrested by the West Terre Haute Police department and transported to the Vigo County Jail.
* Brother Raymond was left on the side of the road in dangerous conditions and was not asked for id.
* Brother Elliott’s car has been impounded saying it was abandoned. It was later discovered that the car had been ransacked by West Terre Haute police.
* Brother Elliott has to appear in court Monday morning.
* I was also told by the jail staff that if Brother Elliott were to produce an ID, they would release him, but he still has to go to court on Monday to face the charges against him.

These actions by Indiana police are blatantly un-Constitutional. The 4th Amendment to the Constitution reads:

The right of the People to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizure shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

The brothers have not broken any laws and are not suspected of committing any crimes, yet are commanded to “Show Your Papers!” by Indiana law enforcement or be subject to arrest and persecution. This police state mentality from those who serve us must not go unchallenged. Please take the time to voice your opinion by politely calling the following Indiana state agencies.

West Terre Haute Police Department

Vigo County Sheriff’s Department

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

Indiana House of Representatives
(800) 382-9842

Indiana Senate
(800) 382-9467

Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter

wow this is terrible. We

wow this is terrible. We must all express our outrage to this gross miscarriage of justice. any idea if these numbers are available 24 hours a day?

Anyone else as mad as i am?

Anyone else as mad as i am? They illegally destroyed his camera's content? they have now violated the 1st amendment? are they communist? actually, this is what will happen and more to come if we dont elect ron paul and bring back the constitution to life. these cops probably were laughing as they destroyed the video. they have no idea why our soldiers are in iraq.. they think it is to protect our freedoms? yet they violate them? unreal... unreal... we can not put up with this illegal action. those cops shame all the good policeman out there.

they think they are clever saying it is a wiretapping issue... thats bull shit. one big lie they all are trying to pull... where is the fake aclu??? those commie bastards are frauds too. aclu is working against us... when this is exactly what they should be protecting. everywhere we look there is filth and scum.

At 8 am this morning (Monday

At 8 am this morning (Monday the 9th), I have made a call to the West Terre Haute Police Department. I identified myself as an independent media journalist from the Philadelphia area and asked information regarding the arrest of the Brothers. They informed me they were going through paperwork as we speak and would be able to answer any questions "in the next few hours".

I expect that each and every one of you pick up the phone and dial the number above, or dial the Attorney General, to show your dismay for the police's unauthorization to do any of the following listed above.

For the love of everything you believe, please just pick up the phone and dial. Put a '*67' before the number if you don't want them to know your number, but for the love of christ just give the number a ring and show your appreciation towards this huge commitment by these two men.

Mark in Philly

response to Mark in Philly

I appreciate your efforts and those of Elliot and Raymond, but I suggest it is more courageous to NOT hide knowledge of the number you call from.

It is useful for Elliot and Raymond to expose the illegal practice of requiring IDs when no law has been broken, but it is more courageous and nonviolent to take the position that since the brothers have nothing to hide, they might engage every other child of God with a warm greeting, handshake and willingness to identify themselves.

That doesn't make their treatment any less outrageous, and I have registered my disapproval with the authorities.

Why are there no penalties?

When will someone institute criminal penalties including jail time for violating the law? When someone infringes on your rights, especially ones protected by the Bill of Rights, they should be held to account. The FBI should be arresting local and state cops left and right for these infractions, yet they are not. Let's you know who's country this is.

This is so sad my Heart goes

This is so sad my Heart goes out to Brother Elliott People please make these calls
911 Truth will never Stop

he has been released

I just spoke with someone at the police department, and they told me that Brother Elliot has been released. They say he was detained because he was wearing an orange jump suit while walking along a highway in close proximity to a prison whose inmates wear orange jumpsuits, and since he wouldn't identify himself, the officer had reasonable cause to detain him and make sure he wasn't an escaped convict. If that is all true, then I have to say that it does sound reasonable, but who knows...

The answer to 1984 is 1776!
(Gold, Oil, and Drugs)


I hope that is all it was about. That very well may be the case. HOWEVER, what about the video taped footage that was erased?? Did that really happen and if so, what would the police have to hide?

Please, someone give a clarrification.