William Rodriguez conquers Europe

For the last two months, William Rodriguez has been presenting all over the UK, and into Europe, in France and Germany.

If you missed his appearance on George Galloway's TV program, "The Real Deal" last month, here is a better video version, with Rodriguez's segment beginning at the 7:21 mark:

Here is an after-presentation interview from last week in Liverpool;

To get an idea of how busy Rodriguez been, check out the list of appearances at the British board, nineeleven.co.uk;

(In Rodriguez's Galloway appearance he refers to FAA tapes that were erased, the recordings that Rodriguez was talking about were actually after-action interviews that were destroyed not tower-to-plane transmissions.)

That was the best video I've seen of Willie so far.

I love that members of the truth movement understand what patriotism means.



...It just sucks that no one seems to come here to view it anymore...

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Willie was great and Galloway was great too.


I'm surprised, if that's the case. I recall reading some months ago (possibly on this blog, maybe in a comments thread) about George Galloway dissing 9/11 truth. Is he actually starting to open his mind on this issue?

Looking forward to his conference in France this Wedsnesday

Looking forward to his conference in France this Wedsnesday, 11th of July 2007 at 20h00, 24 rue de la Banque 75002
Yours John

FAA tape

If the FAA tape was destroyed, the FAA air traffic controllers can still be asked to give their testimonies regarding 9/11 - and we don't even tknow their names! Under subpeonas they may actually tell the truth.