9/11 Truth Invades Live Earth

9/11 Truth Invades Live Earth

Banner confiscated, truthers briefly detained by security, but a potential audience of billions get the message

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A giant banner that read '9/11 inside job' was on display at this past weekend's Live Earth concert in London, reaching a potential audience of 2 billion people, before the truthers responsible for the wake-up call had the banner stolen, were briefly detained and then told to leave by security.

East Anglia Truth (http://www.eastangliatruth.com), a British group who specialize in 9/11 truth activism, chose to turn Al Gore's Wembley Stadium propaganda bandwagon into a showcase for real issues with a huge black banner that also carried the 'Infowars.com' legend. The banner was visible throughout the performance of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Though some slick editing obviously took place during the BBC live feed, we were able to confirm that the banner was prominently displayed on other TV coverage and highlights packages of the event, which meant that the message got out to a potential audience of 2 billion people, as well as those in the crowd at Wembley.

The group had the opportunity to display the banner for some time before they were approached by security and it was confiscated. They were then briefly detained and ordered to follow the security guards, who took them to "speak to management," but the men disappeared and the group were allowed to leave...


Great job!

Great job!

HBO's "John from Cincinnati" also.....

.....briefly had an "Invistigate 9/11" sign in a crowd scene on this week's episode.

that was cool!

I saw that too:-)

A Thousand Cuts.

Yeah I saw that sign in "John from Cincinatti" thought it was great. Also.. these boys are dying a death by a thousand cuts.. Let's keep cutting.

Thanks & Peace.

The camera goes square onto

The camera goes square onto the sign. Only two signs in the crowd, one about Jesus and camera never went onto that sign, but it spent at least 3 seconds on Investigate 911 and you could also read part of it as the camera approached it for about 3 seconds. That was clear product placement!!!

Does someone have video of the securiyt refusal ?

Herblay FRANCE

Interesting that the security was obliged to remove the banner "911 inside job" . But does someone have video of it ? We need to understand why the security can not support such a sign. We should be seing that sign World wide!

Continue the good work but always think of filming the situation so that the wordl sees how the 911 truth movement is treated.

Tomorrow the French are honoured to have Williiam Rodriguez giving a conférence at 20 hours in Paris.
Yours John

PS do you think it a bad idea to wear a tee shirt like
and it is important that we impeach Dick Cheney before George Bush !