David Ray Griffin on "The Jeff Farias Radio Show" Tues, July 10, 2007 3pm PT, 6pm ET

David Ray Griffin on "The Jeff Farias Radio Show" Tues, July 10, 2007 3pm PT, 6pm ET

Air America Radio


Once again,

I'm confused. Does this mean this show, and DRG are going to be on Air America Radio? Tonight?!

The Jeff Farias Show isn't

The Jeff Farias Show isn't on Air America, it's on Nova M -- same network Mike Malloy went to after being thrown off Air America. I would be extremely surprised if David Ray Griffin will ever appear on Air America, sad to say.

I'm going to tune in to this -- it'll be interesting. DRG is a big hero of mine. Thanks for the heads up!

Listening now. DRG is

Listening now. DRG is talking about that new witness at WTC7 who is going to be included in the final Loose Change. Big explosions inside WTC7 early in the day -- one on the 6th floor, way before the collapse in the late afternoon.

Jeff Farias is now asking DRG to talk a bit about various aspects that are familiar to most truthers, but might be news to people who haven't followed any of this. (1) lack of scrambled jets -- changing stories from the gov't and 911 Commission; (2) Dick Cheney in charge of NORAD -- DRG says the info is murky, but there's good reason to believe Cheney was in charge in the underground bunker -- the conflicting reports of when Cheney arrived in the bunker, etc.

DRG's talking about the explosions at WTC and how the NIST didn't even talk about it, and how the 911 Commission didn't deal with it either.

I don't know what Jeff Farias's stance is on 9/11 truth, but he seems very familiar with the unanswered questions -- this is my first time hearing his show -- and he sounds completely in line with the truth. Great stuff -- too bad he isn't on Air America with a much larger audience.

DRG is now talking about new information about cell phone calls and the call from Barbara Olson. Of course, DRG believes the calls were faked using voice morphing. Jeff Farias cites the segment from Loose Change -- so, Farias is definitely tuned in. DRG is now talking about how the FBI is now refuting the Barbara Olson call. Great stuff.

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