Impeachment Music Video Featuring Heroes Impeachment Rally, June 13, 2007 in Palo Alto

Brian Phreak posted a music video on YouTube at of our June 13, 2007 Impeachment Rally where we passed out several Heroic Citizens for 9/11 Truth awards and the 9/11 Truth theme comes across loud and clear in the visuals, if not in the actual words of Bill Oliver's song- Impeach Cheney First.

I believe we actually have better still photographs and footage (from all of our impeachment rallies) than what was used in the video, but I haven't the technological skills, nor have I had the time to do a better job, myself. (see for more photos.)

Here are the lyrics to the song-

Impeach Cheney First by Bill Oliver

The call is out across the land,
The impeachment of Bush.
For crimes and lies you'd like to see him
kicked out on his tush.
Friends, you've got good reason,
I support you absolutely.
But this impeachment season, don't forget your civic duty.
Impeach Cheney first.
It can still get worse.
After Bush is in cuffs, it's liable to get rough,
impeach Cheney first.
Impeach Cheney first.

Knock him off his perch.
He's the orchestrator, the real Darth Vader,
He's the one with a curse.
Get the wizard behind the curtain,
Ridin' shotgun for Halliburton,
Bust the Bushes, but
Impeach Cheney first.

Impeach Cheney first.
Give him what he deserves,
It'll be more fun if Bush sees it come, and no pardon, sir!
Impeach Cheney fast.

Don't let him get away.
Halliburton's waitin', celebratin', there's a world to pay.
He'd run for President, if he had the notion,
But for him, that would be a demotion.
Give him justice.
Impeach Cheney first.

Put Cheney in jail, where the terrorists go,
For just one day in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo.
Where there's corporate cronies, for the war he designed,
For crimes against nature, he should do hard time.
Here's to courage, and convictions, it worked for Agnew, it worked for Nixon.
Jail for Bushes, but
Impeach Cheney first.

We will be holding our monthly Impeachment Rally tomorrow, Wednesday, July 11th, at the usual time and place in Downtown Palo Alto. Unfortunately, I have been away since the beginning of summer and through most of July and haven't been able to do the usual organizing/promotion/publicity. Downtown Palo Alto also suffered a major fire (arson) which closed streets and has seriously harmed the Downtown businesses. Our usual march route is "closed" now, so I doubt if we'll get much of a crowd at tomorrow's rally.

On the other hand, the impeachment movement is gaining steam and popular support. I just got a call from an activist wanting to pressure all the members of the Judiiciary committee with 9/11 truth info, particularly Cheney's role in 9/11. We need to keep on pressuring the government, press, public with our message.