Chertoff Should be Fired.

Michael Chertoff recently had a sit down with the Chicago Tribune Editorial Staff for over an hour... Here is the resulting article printed July 11th, 2007.,1,2055735.story?coll=chi-news-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

What gives Chertoff the right to tell the country that he has a “gut” feeling that we’re going to be hit with a terrorist attack this summer?

“Summertime seems to be appealing to them,” he said of al-Qaeda. “We do worry that they are rebuilding their activities.”

Still, Chertoff said there are not enough indications of an imminent plot to raise the current threat levels nationwide. And he indicated that his remarks were based on “a gut feeling” formed by past seasonal patterns of terrorist attacks, recent al-Qaeda statements, and intelligence he did not disclose. There is an assessment “not of a specific threat, but of increased vulnerability,” he added.

The administration said they had proof Iraq was going to nuke us so we could invade them. Better get Jack Bauer on the case. He’s supposed to protect us and make sure that doesn’t happen. Where does he get off inciting fear throughout this country? He’s not employed to tell us his feeling or his inner child. He should be instructing all of Homeland Security to be on high alert and not try to scare the beejesus out of America.

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So Why doesn't he get his ass in gear and pick THEM UP if they know so much about their activities?

wasted money

Why did we need to install homeland security and TSA if they can't protect us? Why can't the Sheeple's of this America can't see that they(TSA & Homeland Security) are the terrorists. Who are the consultants for Homeland Security? I believe the consultant team is ex KGB. Check it out. Not very funny is it?

research for yourself why 9/11 is an inside job.
Let's find Peace

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A Gardener Is In Charge of Homeland Security

Hey Chertoff, you can get arrested for screaming FIRE in a public space if there is no fire. So why don't you keep your trap shut and reserve your gut for it's main purpose: informing you when to eat. Stick to using your brain when figuring out if there is serious threat or not. But obviously you don't have a brain because you would have known that hundreds of millions of lives are effected by your words, you idiot. How dare you insinuate that there are seasons for terrorism. What are they plants?

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"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)

Not so! Says White House souse.

White House: No specific terror threat against US
Wed Jul 11, 2007 10:23am ET

WASHINGTON, July 11 - The Bush administration said on Wednesday there was no specific, credible terrorism threat against the United States and denied that an emergency meeting had been called.

ABC News reported on Tuesday that the White House had called an urgent multi-agency session for Thursday to discuss a potential new al Qaeda threat on U.S. soil.

White House officials said it was a regularly scheduled meeting and not attended by the most senior national security officials.

"There continues to be no credible, specific intelligence to suggest that there is an imminent threat to the homeland," White House spokesman Tony Fratto said.

"There is no emergency meeting," he said.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff had told the Chicago Tribune's editorial board his "gut feeling" was that the United States faced an increased risk of attack this summer.

Fratto said he was not aware that Chertoff had made those feelings known to President George W. Bush.

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)

Michael Mossad (Chertoff)

Michael Mossad (Chertoff) So after we get hit with another inside job what is Chertoff going to say to us " I told you so"

What about that 50 billion a year on intelligence you suck out of us Chertoff. Do you know what the original homeland security was, the second amendment. We should take that money and arm or great Citizens of the several states. Every responsible person should carry a weapon and households should be armed to the hilt that would be the greatest deterrent of any attack.

Dual Citizenship Israel/USA He should not even be running a DMV counter, but he is running the department of homeland security Wow we will be hit this summer be prepared

If Michael Mossad Skeletor Dual-Citizenship....

....Cougar Mellencamp Chertoff says his "gut-feeling" is that we'll have another "terra" attack, your damn right I'm paying attention......shit, what better confirmation do we want???....

seriously, this "feeling"

seriously, this "feeling" means more than any phony "al qaeda" threat ever could.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

you are being softened up

the US public is being softened up for another attack - here's more of the same:

Dirty-bomb material bought in GAO sting
la times * July 12, 2007

WASHINGTON — Congressional investigators set up a bogus company with only a postal box and within a month obtained a license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that allowed them to buy enough radioactive material for a small "dirty bomb."

Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.), who will ask the NRC about the incident at a Senate hearing today, said the sting operation raised concerns about terrorists obtaining such material just as easily.

Nobody at the NRC checked whether the company was legitimate and an agency official even helped the investigators fill out the application form, Coleman said Wednesday.

click on link for more propaganda:,1,...



Bush is on tv right

Bush is on tv right now(10:45) screaming about "al-qaeda in Iraq" etc. egh.

edit: he just said-"the same people that are attacking us in Iraq are the same people that attacked us on 9/11". a CNN reporter just asked him for proof, good for her. Bush's answer? they both swear allegiance to "al qaeda". DAMNIT.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

If it doesn't make perfect sense

to you that a dual US/Israeli citizen should be in charge of our nation's homeland security, you must be anti-semitic, terrorist filth.


here is a direct link to the letter from the homeland security chairman Benny G. Thompson to Michael Chertoff ....(skeletor)

I'm gonna actually take Chertoff's warning very seriously .....(no kidding)

Chertoff is a dual citizen traitor.......(twice as bad as Cheney) ...or any Neocon

for that matter.....

Chertoff should be in prison

Chertoff should be in prison for treason. oh wait, i forgot that we put people to death for that.....

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Yes he should,,, but then again

so should the rest of the Bush Administration and other members of the government that are liars, thieves, murders, traitors, etc.