11th Day, JULY 2007 Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, California, 11th DAY EVENT. We're a small group but growing and meeting weekly and working toward 9/11 TRUTH.





More Terrific Activism from the Left Coast...

...although San Diego had the hot California Girls (that's redundant, isn't it?)....

Great, great poster.....(I might consider adding "Google Building 7" to it, though).

Agreeing with Altruist

That WTC 7 poster is very good!

We should fund-raise to make it an insert ad in, say, The New Yorker.

Us at 911blogger looked into

Us at 911blogger looked into a full page or half page ad in the NYtimes (I think) a while back, and it was an astronomical number per inch resulting in a price of about $90,000 or something like that for a full page ad. Maybe the New Yorker will be a bit more realistic...

In my house, the 12th of

In my house, the 12th of every month is now just as imporatnt as the 11th of every month. It's the day we look at all the photos of proud and good Americans from across the country taking a stand for Truth and we only see growth - then we yell like crazy!

The Artwork is AVAILABLE

Go to my flickr account at www.flickr.com/photos/graphicpage/

From there go to my profile and send me a flickrmail. I will send you the original art in any format you want via e-mail. This poster was created in Adobe Illustrator so if you need to change the text I would be happy to assist you with that and get you a PDF.


If you are in the santa cruz area

and like what you see, you can contact us at:


Peace out