Philly 9/11 Truth and Bruce Marshall speak with presidential candidate Mike Gravel

The day after we celebrated the anniversary of our Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia by holding an emergency convention designed to unify the sectarian elements of Patriot America, World Can't Wait held their own event, a town hall meeting with speakers David Lindorf, John Nichols, Deborah Sweet, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, and Mike Gravel. The panel of speakers offered little new in the way of remedies and the audience was equally unoriginal except for a few comments from 9/11 truthers intermeshed with the crowd. After the close of the event, Philly 9/11 Truth members along with Bruce Marshall of Vermont 9/11 Truth had the opportunity to speak with the purveyor of the Pentagon Papers and former senator of Alaska Mike Gravel about several issues including the anthrax attacks, the Federal Reserve, and Mayor Bloomberg's prohibitions on filming. It seems that we have another worthy candidate emerging as a darkhorse to take back America.

Interview with presidential candidate Mike Gravel

Mike Gravel is the one

we all should get behind. He is the moral choice. Amazing how well he relates to people, especially young people.


Is this an old clip???

It was part of last

It was part of last season.
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Is comment moderation over, or is an off topic post with F*** in the subject line and an old embedded cartoon video considered a worthy contribution to a Mike Gravel thread? Profanity is fine, but "snark" is not, and the mods define "snark" as they see fit?

censorship: reprehensible indeed

He sounds more authentic

He sounds more authentic than Kucinich, that's for sure. He also sounds like he's got balls, which will be necessary. However for the best change in America, or rather, to restore America, Ron Paul is the man. Gravel is also interested in the UN Carbon tax and interested in some of the globalists' agenda. I am not. It is detrimental to our American system. But, to be honest, if it came down to Gravel and Ron Paul and Gravel managed to defeat Ron Paul (not likely), I would be much happier with Gravel in power than any other top tier Dumbercrat or Rethuglican.

I totally agree.

Ron Paul is the most solid overall. However, Mike Gravel is quite good.

I know some Truthers have thrown out the idea of a Paul/Gravel ticket. Sounds very unlikely. However, the idea is intriguing. It would be a very unifying and powerful independent ticket.

FYI, Vegas odds originally had Paul's chance at the presidency as 200:1 - now it is 15:1.

Truth Will Prevail

paul/gravel 2008

Wouldn't it be nice if they ran as a team... Destroy the left right paradigm as well as restore the constitution and let us all live peacefully. Ahhh that's the rub...


Send him money!!

I like this guy. Brass cahones!

Send him money!! - and tell him why you sent it.

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Former Senator Mike Gravel is the only choice we have to really change direction away from Empire and to peace. We have to disconnect the elite warmongers from power, and the only way to do that is through empowering the people with democracy. Today we have no democracy.

Enact real democracy at

Good job guys.

Nice meeting you the other day, Nick C.

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Doesnt know anything about the federal reserve?!!!

Any presidential candidate that has not studied the Federal Reserve private banking system (and the misapplied Income tax) not up to task.

Also...the flat tax is just more(unapportioned) bullcrap...

Mike seems to be a good guy though, I like his personality....he needs to get on youtube and watch (America. Freedom to Fascism), for a start and get educated on the Income tax and Federal Reserve.....then I'll consider him as a worthy candidate more seriously.... till then Ron Paul continues to be the man....which is funny cause I swing to the left (a little)

It's clear

that Ron Paul is much more knowledgeable when it comes to the FED and the devaluation of the dollar, but I don't see anything wrong with helping Gravel too. The more honest people we can keep around the better for all of us. RP also gets along with Kucinich quite well. Maybe there could be some kind of cabinet appointment for him regardless of their ideological differences.