Want to Win this Information War Fast?...Here Is How!!!

[GW's comment: I am front-paging this because its the first new idea for activism I've seen in a while. Feel free to debate below about whether or not this is a good idea -- I'm not necessarily endorsing this idea, rather, I'm trying to give it a fair discussion.]

I have stopped wasting much of my hard earned time on educating the general public and have focused it on the Police. Police are the weakest link in the New World Order's plans at total domination.

Without anyone to enforce tyranny, they have no tyranny.

I have gotten a great reception from Police. They are open minded and NEVER give me any crap. I have spoken with dozens of them in the past month and given them 911 Mysteries and Freedom to Facism.



If every single one of you would get the address to your local police station and mail out copies of 9/11 Mysteries and Freedom to Facism to EVERY POLICE STATION IN AMERICA.

Like V mailed out masks to everyone.

10 copies to every police station in America would end this in a month. In 30 days those movies would spread around to every cop in America, thus breaking their weakest link.

I know some of the disinfo guys will try to vote this story down, and have nothing but bad things to say about the idea...THAT'S HOW YOU KNOW IT'S A GOOD IDEA!!!


If a million copies of 911 mysteries and freedom to facism went out next week, we could all be putting this crap behind us by Christmas of this year.

I hope this story gets posted

Great idea....

....since it's for police, I think including Terrorstorm would add something as well.....

It is a great idea.....

Just go in and hand all the dvd's you can and have them call you with any questions, more info, etc. Say you'll be more than happy to try to answer as many questions as you can. A great idea. Maybe call ahead to make sure giving away dvd's at the police station is ok.

Great but not New and

Great but not New and certainly effective. Ultimately Law Enforcement will have to be summoned in order to arrest the 911 culprits whoever they are so why wait for them to be the last to know. In fact they should be first because with every law enforcement officer or military officer on board for Law & Order & 911 Justice, it's worthe a dozen citizens. Most citizens with at least a half a brain no the truth about 911 yet still fear coming out with it in publice because of fear. With the Police on the side of Justice, there is no way these thugs can hold onto power, and there is absolutely nothing to fear anymore. Plenty of Police Officers here in NYC are on to the Truth, and plenty of Firemen, and plenty in the Military. I thoroughly encourage this mode of Truth activism. A great example of this type of activism is with WeAreChange.org, who are constantly talking with Law enforcemnt about 9/11. At the moment we are trying to set up meetings with the Police for discussion of the matter. Others should do the same in their towns. I'm approaching it with the notion that we haven't had an investigation into the mass murder of over 3000 people.

Not necessarily an original idea, but yes, absolutely necessary.

I think we should be focusing more of our energy on strategic targets like law enforcement, military, fire fighters, etc. No doubt about it. Tell them you feel concerned that law enforcement is becoming the enemy of the public due to government policy, and you want to quash the enmity. Cut out the middle-man, the corrupt "mediator" who is really an INSTIGATOR. Make sure to bone-up on what oaths and pledges the enforcers are supposed to be beholden to, and give them a gentle reminder. They work for US not the "gummint".
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

What to Say to Get Them to Watch? No, I don't have answer.

In the course of my giveaways I have given DVDs to maybe four cops total. I've offered to others who turned them down. Of the Homeland Security Officers at Dealey Plaza, three men passed while a woman accepted. I have left bundles at two different firehouses. I have also put DVDs in the hands of 15-20- reporters and cameramen at marches, rallies, events.

Maybe its my sinful past but I'm nervous around cops.

I like the Idea of mailing a batch to the police stations.

Can someone come up with a precise bit of writing to be included so that they are not just tossed but actually be distributed and viewed?


response to Joe

When I spoke to the judge for both my civil disobedience arrest with Cindy Sheehan in October of 2005 and for my trespass civil disobedience for 911 truth in August of 2006 I made the following remark, which can be included in a leaflet: " In a democracy, most people consider the police to be their friends. This is as it should be. Under fascism, relatives of the police will be ashamed of their relationship. "

Other times I have said,"Way over 90% of those who study 9/11 carefully believe it was an inside job. IF we are right, then Bush and Cheney got away with it. That means they could do it again, and declare martial law. Currently, police chiefs are genuinely concerned about maintaining professional esprit among their ranks. Under fascism, professionals will be pushed out and police will be selected mainly for their eagerness to be brutal."

If there is any consistent truth in all the police dramas on television, it's that police resent politicians. While many citizens find it hard to stomach that elected officials could be guilty of such a heinous act as 9/11. Police have VERY strong stomachs and are prepared to believe the worst about ANY politician.

"Dust and Deceit", the best movie about first responders should be high on the list of movies for cops AND firefighters. Because firefighters lost so many people on 9/11, they should be the object of outreach, too. The group in dc regularly ignores my requests to leaflet the national firefighters training facility at the University of Maryland in College Park. I think its because I'm ugly and my mother dresses me funny.

Over a year ago I proposed doing civil disobedience by going into a police station and handing out fliers. This was before there were so many good DVDs. Such CD should NOT be done without preparation in nonviolence. Such a CD action is not necessary, but if done politely and well, it could impress the police everywhere. Police appreciate courage, and they appreciate politeness.

When I was young I did a lot of hitchhiking. I once was picked up by an FBI Agent who was returning to NYC from training in Quantico. I'll always remember him saying how much he enjoyed telling someone they were under arrest POLITELY.

While in Philly on July 4 we proposed an action along the lines of outreach to police. We proposed outreach to the FBI. Our long range goal would be mutiny at the bureau, but one whistleblower would be a great accomplishment. We proposed building a website listing the various improper behavior by the bureau with regard to 9/11 as well as listing heroic activity by bureau employees like Rowley, Wright, Williams and Samit, not to mention former employee Edmonds. We would then stand outside the Hoover Building at the end of the work day with a banner listing the URL. Anyone wishing to help should write Dan Nalven PO BOX 1132 Ossining NY 10562.

We actually did whistleblower leafletting at the FBI last year. You can read of the experience at 911 courage.org. I said to the workers as they left for the day," I'll bet you care about the Constitution more than I do. " One guy responded, " I've got it right here in my pocket". The FBI police tried mightily to discourage me. I offered to let them arrest me, but they declined. IT'S NOT ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have grave doubts about the courage of 9/11truth activists. When Dan and I proposed the FBI bannering in Philly, I started by asking," Who's not afraid of the FBI?" a couple dozen people raised their hands. NO ONE HAS CONTACTED US. I'm not a researcher. Also,I'm faced with eviction. My mother has just had a stroke. I'll still go down to the Hoover Building to hold the banner, but if we don't get help, it's not going to happen soon. There's no need to even identify yourself. Just submit your research and how we can verify it.

The strategy of undercutting the will of the police to enforce tyranny is a quintessentially nonviolent strategy. I have endured profound hostility from my local dc group whenever I have attempted to generate any discussion of nonviolence.

My friend Gene Sharp, considered the Clausewitz of nonviolent warfare, delineates in his 3 volume set, The Politics of Nonviolent Action, how a violent conception of power differs from a nonviolent conception of power.

A violent conception of power sees the adversary as a monolith, incapable of penetration. The phrase “Talking to him is like talking to a brick wall.” is an excellent example of this approach.

A nonviolent conception of power sees the adversary as ultimately dependent of the cooperation of its minions. He goes on to describe 3 ways nonviolence can win. These are persuasion, accommodation and coercion.

Persuasion is unusual outside of small scale situations. It is a situation where the authority actually is moved by the merits of the arguments used. He gives an example of Kodak in Rochester choosing to accede to community requests to not proceed with a certain land usage in Rochester, NY.

At the other end of the spectrum, coercion is when the tyrant tries to maintain their tyranny but gets so little cooperation that they collapse. Sharp speaks of a putsch in Bavaria in the 1920’s when the coup leaders couldn’t even get their press releases typed.

The most common way nonviolence can win is accommodation. It this case the tyrant is savvy enough that he knows to broker a compromise in order to avoid losing too much. IF IT IS UNDERSTOOD THAT THE POLICE OR ARMY WILL REFUSE TO FOLLOW ORDERS OR CARRY OUT ORDERS IN LESS THAN A FULLY COOPERATIVE FASHION, THIS MAY BE SUFFICIENT TO CONVINCE THE TYRANT TO HOLD OFF OR GIVE IN ON SOME POINT.

Sharp's concept of moral jujitsu is valuable here. My description is;

If you can persist in the face of repression, you communicate to your adversary that what they’re doing isn’t so much bad, which it probably is, as much as it is ineffective. Then you begin to drive a wedge between the liberals and conservatives in power. The liberals moan and complain, ”They’re making us look so bad, can’t we think of something to give them to get them to go away?” The conservatives respond, “No, no, no. If we’re a little more brutal, we can break them.” Nevertheless, IF you can persist in the face of repression, you push that wedge further and further between the factions of power. Here’s the key: the better the nonviolent discipline, the further the wedge will go for any given level of effort and sacrifice. The smoother the wedge, the further it goes. The rougher the wedge, the slower it proceeds.

The ability to weaken the will of the police and military to follow orders means the greater likelihood of the liberals side of those in power to try to accomodate us with, lets say, a REAL INVESTIGATION, or FAIRER COVERAGE IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA.


Good post

David, well done. Gene Sharp is, as you say, the one to turn to for this.

I think you could blog this comment. Maybe you could rewrite it as a 'how to' on facing fascism effectively? which, as you point out, can only be done through disciplined nonviolence.

We do seem to be nearing the stage, in 9/11 truth efforts, where this knowledge needs dissemination. People need to know this now, and make use of it.

Yeah, "Dictatorship to Democracy" should be on the short list

"From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Conceptual Framework for Liberation" by Gene Sharp published by The Albert Einstein, what a powerful little text. Being that we've already deided that Truth about 9-11 is the Dictators' Achilles Heal, this packet of information puts a whole lot of creative tactics on the table along with a powerful strategy.


“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

We have been giving the police DVDs

911 Was An Inside Job! For the mystery of Iniquity is now being revealed!

This is not a new idea. But I would be happy to see more people doing it. WeAreChange.org has been sending DVDs to the police stations and handing them to every officer we meet.

We are HAPPY to know that more people are thinking outside the BOX.

Be careful though if you send them by mail the local head NSA agent of each police station will probably throw them out..

I called the local police stations here in Miami and they refered me to the PLOICE stations NSA agent. They are in charge! I know SCAAARRRY! I was like I don't think thats a good idea.

DO IT SEND THEM AND GIVE THEM TO THE POLICE.... talk to them and wake them up!

I second, third, and fourth this motion

This is right on the money. It is the police and military who would be asked to lock up the dissenters. In this case that may be anyone who is publically stating that 911 was an inside job.

The police are regular people just like the rest of us and the only way they would do the bidding of the perpetrators of 911 is if they don't know the truth.

This can work and was shown to work in the 80's when there was a non-violent revolution in the Phillipines, due to the dissent over Marcos' rule, and the military and police refusing to enforce his orders. That is the kind of standown we need here, but will only be possible with a police force which is elucidated about what 911 really was.

911 Mysteries is the first video to send followed by Freedom to Fascism and Terrorstorm.

The tools are there it is up to the activists to spread the word to these key people.

The police will be the first rounded up

Local police and veterans and leaders of various persuasions will be the first people rounded up in the event of a takeover. Non local law enforcement is being folded into the agenda via 'fusion' centers. While I think it's a good idea to keep the cops in the loop, I don't think we should pin our hopes on that front... more likely though they will be the few who stand against the tide when panic time comes.

For those who lean more radical I would suggest instead getting some prosecutors and judges on board and possibly getting some folks deputized (old west fashion) to serve warrants and possibly make arrests.

For those with more patient (me) I would suggest modifying the entire truth movement... we've already reached everyone we're going to and already converted everyone who can be converted... IMO now it's time to adopt a more results oriented approach and that entails changing the battle cry from 'inside job' to 'new investigation' - and stick to simply raising questions and poking holes in the official story as opposed to coming up with our own version of events. Two reasons I see for this: 1)We shouldn't be pushing for an investigation from the stance that we already know the results because a real investigation starts from a neutral standpoint. 2) A more moderate stance that doesnt involve conspiracy theories would be much less of a political hot potato and we could then barter our numbers (millions) in votes for support. - as it stands now, any support we could give any politcian would be equally offset by those who would vote against them on 'little green men' grounds alone.

Excellent analysis

I think your comment deserves to be its own blog entry.

conspiracy theories?

Generaly i think targeting the people in the military would be even more important than the police. Thats where the real power of the elite is. Turn the military against them and they are finished. Lets turn the military against them before the elite turns the military against us.

Now for a new investigation; this has been done already. What makes you think that "this time" we will get anything else than another white wash? There have been several commissions on JFK too. What did they bring?

What do you call a more "moderate" stance? Are MIHOPers extremists in your view?
The problem is that 9/11 WAS an inside job and to pretend otherwise so as to not offend others is a cowardly and dishonest approach IMO.

Also as long as a majority of the people isn't converted to 9/11 truth it can hardly be said that we have reached everyone we could.

This story is really going viral to start off

It up on the whatreallyhappened.com website home page and hopefully others will pass this article far and wide.


I want to go back to my life, as I am sure most of you do.

This is the quickest way to break their weak link. If enough copies go out it MIGHT even get media attention. Don't hold your breath on that though.

Spread this idea EVERYWHERE you can. Post this article on every blog, forum, message board that exists.

We need complete saturation of the system.

Personally, I'd include Terrorstorm instead of

Freedom to Fascism.

Hey... Give em both :-)

The need to also be aware of the evidence that Prof Jones has discovered too...


and all the other great presentations being made !!!

Good luck and best wishes to all


Yes the idea is a good one.. The one way to spread the truth rapidly is with co-workers,and there is a bond between police officers just like firemen. A second family if you will.
I enjoyed the video on 911 blogger of the firemen exposing Rudy the worm. This needs to be sent to Ron Paul. Could anyone imagine if firemen,and police would rally for the truth? A strike till a new independant investigation is started. Till all the sick first responders,firemen,and workers on the pile are taken care of. And last but not least an investigation of our controlled,and complicit media.
P.S. I just converted a stead fast Bush believer at work. Starting slow with things not directly pertaining to 9/11. I had him google The money masters federal reserve fraud. This got him talking,and opened his eye's to how sweet & honest our goverment is. Aaron Russo's film was next, and then a conversation on the Gulf of Tonkin in which he was also unaware of.
Yes then it was on to the BIG ONE. Saying did you see all the unanswered questions on 9/11?
I told him to google PNAC. It was like they could see the future.
I then told him to google Dr. Ray Griffin's Madison lecture to see alot of the unanswered questions, told him to check out 911blogger. I also mentioned 9/11 mysteries.
All this happened in a time frame of two months. Now he comes to me saying holy shit! Did you know this? Did you know that. He is now reaching out to those that i could'nt sway.

It isn't the Police State, it's the Organized Crime State!

9/11 was not a police state action. It was an organized crime action. The war in Iraq is an organized crime action to pillage Iraq's resources.

Here in Portland, Oregon, groups of provocateurs disrupt peaceful demonstrations and attempt to turn them into police confrontations. A small minority of agitators has damged the image of the antiwar movement with actions like burning a US soldier in effigy at a Move On rally.

As a refusenik from hereditary organized crime, I am quite aware of the efforts of provocateurs to cause police confrontation. The confrontations between police and provocateurs can create very profitable lawsuits, too.

Police are first responders who know some of them will be sacrificed in the next false flag terror op. Revolutions are successful when the police and/or military turns against the elite.

But the police state is the Patriot Act, not the police

Experience from history says the police will always thrive in a police state.

911blogger should base itself in Arcata, California, it is the safest place nowadays.

Arcata passed an ordinance that bars city employees (including police and librarians) from assisting or cooperating with any federal investigations under the Act that would violate civil liberties (Nullification).

Nothing wrong with convincing police officers as citizens, but to target police because they are police, assumes a civil dissobedience or civil war scenario. But dissidents will be caught early through wire taps and informants.

The Patriot act itself is clear evidence of prior knowledge of 911.
The act consists of 1016 sections and is 402 pages long.

How could such a complicated act be written, ready, discussed, and passed (with no amendments) on 10/24/2001 only 45 days after the September 11, 2001, unless it was already on someones desk prior to 911?

Here is the evidence:

10/23/2001 Introduced in House
10/24/2001 Passed/agreed to in House
10/25/2001 Passed/agreed to in Senate:
10/26/2001 Signed by President.
10/26/2001 Became Public Law No: 107-056

For a summary of the act, see
For the full text, see

Be assured, no law maker who voted for the act, could have read it.

Among its many provisions, the Patriot Act expanded the definition of terrorism to include “domestic terrorism,” thus enlarging the number of activities to which the Patriot Act’s expanded law enforcement powers can be applied.

For the record: The only US Senator to vote against the act was Senator Russ Feingold.

Needless to say, as you all know, the Patriot Act is similar to and just as dangerous as the Reichstag Fire Decree, Germany, enacted February 28, 1933 after the Reichstag fire which empowered Adolf Hitler to seize control of Germany.

The similarities are that both were passed after an act of terrorism, both were passed quickly, both limited civil liberties with the expressed purpose of protecting the people, and both were used in excess of their expressed purpose.

If you are no longer protected by the constitution and habeas corpus you will not be able to escape getting quietly shipped out to Guantanamo for water boarding by the police or secret police.

Any police officer you convince to protect you would have to turn his coat and disobey orders, if and when push comes to shove.

The simplest and shortest way to kill the police state, the Patriot Act, stop the USA wars of aggression, and arrest the thugs responsible, is to work for 911 Truth and Justice.


Reaching critical mass within the USA, (the general public), plus, massive international support from the free world, outside the USA.

Already (according to wiki) eight states (Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Montana and Vermont) and 396 cities and counties (including New York City; Los Angeles; Dallas; Chicago; Eugene, Oregon; Philadelphia; and Cambridge, Massachusetts) have passed resolutions condemning the Act for attacking civil liberties. The Bill of Rights Defense Committee is helping coordinate local efforts to pass resolutions.

Outside the USA the 911 movement is getting stronger by the day.

Perhaps the focussed targets for 911 Truth should be, in addition to police as you suggest, groups with political wieght and plenty of resources. Perhaps it is time to start knitting together a confederation of sorts. Convince the Bill of Rights Committee, the firemen, etc to come on board. Yes. Start organising the efforts towards targeted groups as you suggest to mobilise sufficient political will to make a difference.

Great Idea, & why Now

All the groups of first responders should be good candidates for this:

1. First responders died in higher proportions than anyone else on 9-11, and WILL die in higher proportions in any such future attack. They have more to lose than anyone else in understanding this, not only to end this regime, but to protect themselves in their current workday environment.

2. If I'm not mistaken, the perps of 9-11 qualify as the number 1 cop-killers in US history. The 9-11 truth movement qualifies as the group most interested in pursuing justice for their brothers in uniform who died that day. It should be very interesting to see what happens when that concept sweeps through the law enforcement community in North America. Hmmm....

3. Neocon leaders are very publically hinting that the gloves are going to come off, and the next serious wave of attacks will happen in the US this late summer or fall. If not scaled large enough to justify martial law, they may still try something closer to the UK pseudo-carbomb attacks this July. Smaller-scale attacks may be meant to "merely" sway public opinion in time for the primaries, which have been moved up in many states to January and February. A lot of delegate-commitments could be thereby locked up in the neocon candidates' lists, even though the conventions still don't happen until late summer 2008.

Consider the following: in this month's UK attacks, we have fairly small-scale events, minimal casualties, but lots of opportunities for lurid pictures of, for instance, a flaming car in an airport terminal. Let's say the neocon team realizes they are getting short on support (admittedly, this may have more to do with their incompetence in Iraq than with their inhumanity and treason in the US and UK) and may have even been told as much by sponsors, signers-off, and "tech-support" managers... who may have let it be known that large-scale attacks may not be politically defensible within their own groups, let alone the general public. On the other hand, smaller-scale "terminal-sized" attacks may be considered politically defensible, at least in the sense that the blood and carnage is not great enough to spawn fury among either the 9-11 skeptical public, or the security forces' rank-and-file.

The main point here will be this: if we're about to see another attempt to both "stockholmize the naive" and bitch-slap us disbelievers, now is the time to get as many of the first-responders woke up as is humanly possible. They have the best chance to spot precursor or setup moves; they will be on the scene first, therefore the best organized group of potential witnesses; they will have the best shot at preventing spin-at-the-scene; they may be able to capture some of the perps, and keep them apprehended, if they realize what symptoms to look for; if martial law is officially called for, they will be forewarned to understand such a move as the first step in a covert coup d'etat, and acting on Constitutional loyalty, can act as they see fit.

Given the importance of the media in both terrorism and coups, I suspect this is a good time to get to know your local media folks. Not necessarily the owners, or even the top talent (not that they should be spurned), but the folks a step lower down, especially the off-camera techies. These are the guys who will have access to raw video tapes, who can point out interesting angles (think BBC/WTC7, 5pm) for a shot, notice interesting eye-witness testimony to get on raw feeds before the official cover story is established. At least, now is the time to see how many of them are both sympathetic and up-to-speed with the evidence. For that matter, they should have some educational background thoughts on what they've seen in your local community, as well as how the media industry works. Perhaps the more open you are to their thoughts and insights, the more appreciative and forthcoming they will be.

Keep in mind the situations where you talk to police, etc as well. What they say at the station may be a little different from what they would say out on patrol or on the beat. Many patrol cars and stations are heavily cammed now, and they may be very aware of that. What they say in a group of either other police, or in front of "civilians", may be a little different when they are on their own. Even union meetings (not necessarily inside... out in the parking lot) could be a different atmosphere.

Especially in New York, the police and other first responders have now seen how the government has lied and shuffled about their respiratory complications. To those officers who heard the explosions for themselves, whose friends are slowly dieing before their eyes, who really counts as a friend? Those who tell them to shut their mouths, or those with nothing to gain from the truth, but who insist on digging for it and proclaiming it anyway?

Among the more thoughtful police, firefighters, emergency medical people, among the military and internal security, even media... that may put us in the "friend" column. After all, if we are right, then what our message could very well save their lives and the lives of others. Try approaching them with that in mind, even as they don't.

A certain "wise man" with a message to get out apparently once told his crew, go fast, talk to many; when you find someone who will listen, talk. If no one wants to listen, don't worry; just thank them for their time and move on. Those who let you know they don't want to hear it, are doing you a favor of not wasting your time. They are letting you know it's time to look elsewhere for your next sympathetic ear.

Take Truth to Them Tuesdays with 9-11 Justice Squads

I have a powerful feeling that the ideas which have been presented here represent the potential trimtab for the 9-11 Justice movement. Buckminster's Fuller's use of the concept of the trimtab needed to help turn the rudder on a masive ship, such as Earth, is related to the ideas of accupressure/puncture. Find the spots with the most bang for the buck.
(side note: our very own Kathleen Rosenblatt, OTG (Original Truth Gangster) here in the LA group is a very talented acupuncturist/bodyworker if you need some work, and you know you do, working on this stuff. And because of her profound dedication to 9-11 Truth over the years, she hasn't had the chance to practice as much as she would like. Get in contact if your interested.)

Ok, back to the extremely important subject at hand: We could create something in resonance with the International movement for action on the eleventh of every month. These actions have generally been focused around reaching the general public and the media. We could augment this with a movement for specific actions on tuesdays focused in on the USA. We have the deepest responsibility to clear this up, being that it happened here (though clearly, since people from over a quarter of the nations of the world were murdered that day, this was a crime against humanity). Thus, we who live in the US, need to work very intensely and strategically since we are closest to the people and the levers of power. But just like in permaculture design, we dont want to just throw brute effort at this, since as fairly hairless hyper-protypical simians, brute force is not our strong suit on this planet nor against our foes. Thoughtful design and strategy coupled with a bit of guts can be our greatest tool.

If we were well organized, we could have small groups or individuals around the country taking each tuesday, in remembrance of that terrible second tuesday in September, to bring truth packs- well organized, compelling and compact- to the public servants whose solidarity and action is crucial for us to prevail. These packs could be very specific to the group that is receiving it.

1st tuesday-Police stations-"Freedom to Fascism", "Terrorstorm", "9-11 Press for Truth", "9-11 Justice"
2nd tuesday-Fire stations-"Dust and Deceit", "Improbable Collapse", "9-11 Mysteries", "Terrorstorm"
3rd tuesday-City Halls (mayors, city councils, etc.)- "DRG lectures", "9-11 Press for Truth", "Terrorstorm", "Freedom to Fascism"
4th tuesday-Federal buildings (FBI, State Department, judges etc.)-"Kill the Messenger", "9-11 Press for Truth", "9-11 Justice", "Terrorstorm"
5th tuesday(if it exists)-Media (though we should really create real relationships and draw them into our entire strategy, like we're sharing a beautiful story of possibility and breakthrough with them. i think we need to defocus on the idea of forcing the massive MSM to cover "the facts" and give them more clear stories about solutions, thoughtfulness and courage. Once they see us really getting to our public servants, especially the police and the firefighters, they'll be begging us for a story.--For a DVD, just give them "The Ultimate Con(spiracy)" and show them that collectively they have already reported a good chunk of the story, and now all they need to do is put the pieces together.

Everyone should also get a one page letter of the most salient facts, a one page letter of our motivation (I like the quick and powerful ideas that Mr. Slesinger uses) and a one page letter of what we would like them to do (possible avenues of action).

If we were to share the weight, we could create many "Justice Squads" with a good mix of people in each one, not too big and not too small (approximately 5 might be a good size). They should be as well balanced in terms of areas of expertise, interest or background as possible. Some folks may have "ins" at some of these places, so they should go there. If we properly execute, within a few months we could be well on our way to prevailing.

And if we combine this with the willingness of the peace and patriot movements to put a large group of people in DC this fall for demonstrations, teach ins, press conferences and culture, and the willingness of certain brave individuals and groups to do strategic civil disobedience when powerful and neccessary and the deepening of "truth squading" in the Presidential campaign, we might have a much better landscape come 2008.

We can and will prevail. Truth, Justice then Peace. Let's make it happen!

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

A waste of resources.

Excuse me. But I think this is pretty dumb.

Cops in my experience are very limited and too loyal (loyal to whom is in charge, no matter who)

In short: They do as they are told. That's how they tick.

Well..You are the ONLY one who thinks so


Excellent idea :-)

Hope to hear more about this.



We do need to dispel the idea that all cops are brainwashed, power-hungry ex-high school bullies and authoritarian control-freaks. I think the majority of police officers truly go into the profession to try to help society. They can be just as open-minded about the ideas behind 911 Truth as any other human being.

However, I disagree with the idea that this would "win the fight fast" because, when the crap hits the fan, it won't be your local police department (for the most part) that is busting in your door and dragging you off to a FEMA camp. It will either be hyper-brainwashed, or handsomely paid federal agents, OR mercinary soldiers from some 3rd-world country being bribed with citizenship.

But, hey, it can't hurt, so let's do it!!


OR mercinary soldiers from

OR mercinary soldiers from some 3rd-world country being bribed with citizenship.

Blackwater is homegrown ex-US Military/Law Enforcement.

You might be surprised...

The following website is run anonymously by members of the Indianapolis police department who are sick and tired of unlawful police management, of corrupt government, and of the raw deal that citizens are getting:


Cops who are discovered posting on the site have been suspended and there's apparently an investigation underway to have the site owners "exposed". These cops are in support of citizens who're ticked off at government - and they've been discussing fascist behavior already.

Minds are opening.

This is a great idea.