Alex Jones: End Game Sneak Preview at the Alamo Drafthouse

In this special video feature we see Alex Jones' presentation of Terror Storm: Final Cut and a sneak peek of his upcoming film End Game to an audience at the Alamo Draft House in Austin, Texas. This footage includes a fantastic live performance from Graham Reynolds & The Golden Arm Trio as well as questions and comments from those in attendance.

Alex explains the vision behind End Game and takes questions on a variety of different topics, including the North American Union and the border, Rick Perry's visit to this year's Bilderberg Group conference, the elite's religion of death and the timetable for war with Iran and why it seems like the build-up has been going on forever. At the end of the talk, Alex meets some of his fans who traveled a long way to see him in person.

endgame is an auspisous title

like alex said , there is too much evidence, it s overwhelming.

america is infested with treasonist of all varieties from SHillarys to ilbombyas, a parade of nazi
bushits ,each worse than the last. mCcant, ghouliani, lon cheney

cherrtoff is about the third talking ghoul head promising some new atrocity in the last few months
ive seen . i do believe when they feel the moment is psyop perfect thell do something heinous
that will make 911 look like a fenderbender,
and sieze control of america,and end the republic as we know it

they will commit or silently permit the murder of many innocent civilians by the same crew responsible for 911

its just a gut feeling i have


Those are some really funny name derivations. I'llbombya is the best.

And McCant is very, very clever. I couldn't for the life of think of a McCain variant, and yours is not only appropriate, but exceedingly literate!

I'm an Alex Jones fan

a fan I am!