Audio of Webster Tarpley's Speech in San Diego, 7/8/07
This is an mp3 recording of Webster Griffin Tarpley speaking in San Diego on July 8, 2007 on the transforming political landscape in America. He stressed the importance of inserting 9/11 Truth into the 2008 presidential campaign with grassroots media activism.. He also articulated how 9/11 truth can be the fulcrum point for pushing the tide in a positive direction. Hot off the successful transcending of both left and right at the July 4th Philadephia Emergency Anti-war Convention, Mr. Tarpley goes into the details of a new unified political vision; saying no to false flag GWOT (aka TWAT), no to wars with no end, no provocations with any nations, tax honesty, etc. one hour, 58 min., 27.2 MB
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Part Two:
In the 2nd half of a presentation, Mr. Tarpley focuses on specifics surrounding the events of 9/11. Including a narration of George W. Bush's activities on the day and his receiving the message: "angel is next". He also goes into detail about the many gov't. run terror drills, up to at least 25, that directly related to or were in operation on the day of 9/11/01.
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Thanks to San Diegans for 9/11 Truth for organizing the event
and San Diego 9/11 Questions Meet-up Group,

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Another Great Speech by Webster....

.....Just wind him up and let him go.....I never get tired of his analysis.....even though it is frequently very scary in its implications.....

We owe WT a lot for his popularizing the 9/11 Truth Squads, which have had incredible impact so far.....and now he is instrumental in creating and coalescing a political movement that combines 9/11 Truth with other anti-imperialism, pro-American ideals organizations.....

9/11 Truth is the Real Peace Movement

wrong date in headline

i imagine this should read "7/8/07" or you have a time machine?