Behavioral Conditioning Primer

Poster’s note: This outstanding handout was written by fellow activist Whitey for distribution to the general public. Reproduced with permission. The original handout was printed on three pages, and I have drawn line breaks to show where the pages were separated. Kudos to Whitey for producing these handouts and passing them out on July 11, 2007. I hope his work inspires others to distribute this information.

Behavioral Conditioning Primer

-Behavioral conditioning is the act of shaping behavior.
-Behavioral conditioning has been studied for over 100 years.
-Major contributors are: I. Pavlov and B.F. Skinner.
-Animals AND humans are both subject to this psychological phenomenon.

-Three of the things needed for behaviorally conditioning are:

Unconditioned Response (UCR): This is an innate response to a stimulus. For example, if there is a puff of air in your eyes, you will automatically blink. This is a hard wired response in your brain.
Unconditioned Stimulus (UCS): This is a stimulus which automatically causes a UCR. The puff of air in the previous example is a UCS.
Conditioned Stimulus (CS): This stimulus does not inherently cause a UCR.For example, a tone at a reasonable level will not cause you to do anything; however, if this tone is paired with the UCR in multiple presentations, the CS will eventually result in the UCR. The number of repetitions depends on the strength of the UCS.

Puff of air in the eyes (UCS) -> Subject blinks (UCR)

Tone(CS1) + Puff of air in the eyes (UCS) -> Subject blinks (UCR)
After multiple repetitions: Tone (CS1) -> Subject blinks (UCR)

Multiple CS’s can be paired together for an effect called “Chaining”
Conditioned Stimulus2 (CS2) + (CS1) + UCS -> UCR

Behavioral Conditioning Primer

-After the CS has been conditioned to elicit a UCR it can be presented, as above, by itself to result in a UCR. If a CS is presented repeatedly without being paired with a UCS, then the subject will reduce the frequency of responding with the UCR. This is called habituating.

The Main Stream Media has been infiltrated by the CIA since the late 1950's through a project called Operation Mockingbird. They have been using these techniques upon the populace for decades. For example: after President Kennedy was murdered the phrase “conspiracy theory” was conditioned through the media. This phrase was a Conditioned Stimulus that was drilled into people’s minds through the corporate controlled Media (TV, newspapers, magazines, etc.) Assuming you have never had this issue brought to your attention, what is the first thing you think of when you hear conspiracy theory? CRAZY!!! NUTTY!! FRINGE!! Well my fellow human, guess what? You’ve been conditioned. I’ve got the studies to back it up, but let’s break down the technique first. First and foremost, the legal definition of conspiracy is: two or more individuals conspiring to commit a crime. Conspiracies occur ALL the time. When two or more people conspire and then rob a 7-11 they are involved in a conspiracy. A theory is an educated attempt at explaining something. The theory of evolution is an example. The theory of gravity is another. So how could it be that you associated conspiracy theories with tin-hat wearing nuts? Decades of social conditioning through the media. That’s how. One of the key elements of conditioning is repetition. The media does this to no end. They also manipulate the presentation of information to change the context in which you see the information being presented. The assassination of President Kennedy is the first place I have been able to locate the conditioning of the phrase conspiracy theory. Sometime the media will invent their own blatantly false arguments and associate them with logical arguments in order to discredit the logical arguments. If you don’t like the idea of being conditioned like a dog who is being taught obedience then I invite you to join the 911Truth movement. We are fighting to educate the masses about the psychological warfare being waged on them. Our future as a nation depends on individuals who can think critically and logically and an HONEST and DECENT government. Don’t take my word on this issue of conditioning, go research it for yourself. Please examine the citations on the final page. It’s time to wake up and take back our country!


The following may be obtained from most libraries including [Your local library, a university library if possible.] There are many other studies on Classical conditioning and Operant conditioning. Just search online for those two phrases or for I. Pavlov or B.F. Skinner.

Pavlov, I. P. (1928).Lectures on conditioned reflexes: Twenty-five years of objective study of the higher nervous activity (behavior) of animals. New York, NY: Liverwright Publishing Corporation.

Weiss, R. F., Chalupa, L. M. Gorman, B. S., & Goodman, N.H. (1968). Classical conditioning of attitudes as a function of number of persuasion trials and argument (UCS) strength. Psychonomic Science, 11(2), 59-60.

Staats, A. W., & Staats, C. K. (1958). Attitudes established by classical conditioning. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 57, 37-40.

Powerful stuff !!

We need to think on this level in order to really breakthrough to some people. Maybe we can do linguistic martial arts and trip them up amd let the force of their dirty tricks that they have already put forward bring them down. The most subtle and powerful marital arts minimize energy expenditure and use the challenger's intertia against them by tripping them at a weak spot. If someone swings at you with alot of force, they have also put themselves at greater risk to an open shot. This is the way I see 9-11. Though powerfully successful psychologically in the short run, it really is their Achilles Heael now. They have overshot. We are going to prevail, and I think they deep down know this, but they are very dangerous because of their vulnerability right now, like a wounded animal of prey.

We should flip the Conspiracy theory thing on them and not run away from that term, but use a mirror to put it back in their face. Alot of us do this everytime someone says, oh that's justr a conspiracy theory. "Well what is your conspiracy theory?" It is clear to those of us in the 9-11 Truth movement that the term doesn't even make any logical sense in relation to 9-11, whereas it did add distinguishment back with the assassinations. It was the articulation between the lone-nutter did it. But, in many ways I guess the OBL ''theory" really is a lone nutter theory. In this way, it is important to articulate that the assassinations of the 60's were clearly a connected (at least by intention, and personally in many ways) coup based on false-flag terrorism. Anyone who doesnt think that assassination is a terrorist event, should check out urban black folx reaction to MLK's murder. Let's not shy away from the whole nasty picture. JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, RFK --> 9-11, 3-11, 7-7, 7-11 (Mumbai). Maybe in the same way that it is easier to believe the Big Lie, the it can be broken down through the Big Truth.

There are 3 major stumbling blocks that I've found people have in relation to dealing with the truth around 9-11:
1)Incompetence Theories-maybe we could [;ay on the idea and call them "Incompetent Theories", because that's what they really are.
2)"If it were true, the front page of the NY Times would have told me" aka the Impossible Secret Theories"-this is actually related to Incompetence theories in that it is the idea that the government is too clunky too keep something like this secret. It is tautological thinking in that it says, especially for reporters and intellectuals, if no one I respect is reporting it then it must not be true, and if it's not true I'm not going to look into it...repeat again and again
3) I know it's possibly or probably true logically, but I cant handle the emotional implications, so I'd rather not even think about it at this point-this is an important one to grapple with hit, because these pple probably have their faculties of logic still somewhat intact. We need to show that if they dont face it now, it's gonna get worse, even some real talk about what is coming if we dont stop it can work, but then we need to also articulate powerfully the beautiful possibilities on the other side. On this account speak to what someone specifically cares about and show them that 9-11 truth and justice is the fast track to that. IN this starin, I have a working paper called "Permaculturalizing the Pentagon." Some day I will finish it.

I have great faith that the mental and spiritual challenge of exposing 9-11 truth and pushing for justice is preparing us to create a living, breathing peace afterwards. This movement and its collective skills is really full of possibility beyond the Truth of 9-11.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, RFK --> WTC93, OKC95, 9-11, 3-11, 7-7, 7-11

JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, RFK --> WTC93, OKC95, 9-11, 3-11, 7-7, 7-11

expanded your list a bit

JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, RFK --> WTC93, OKC95, 9-11, 3-11, 7-7, 7-11

There are a lot of logical

There are a lot of logical leaps in this which definitely weakens it. For instance, even if a person is convinced that the government and major media are using the techniques of behaviorism in order to manipulate the populace, which in itself is merely asserted rather than demonstrated, there is no reason given to believe that the 911 Truth Movement is the only movement combatting these brainwashing efforts, and no evidence given to demonstrate the validity of a 911 conspiracy theory, or even an explanation of what 911Truth is about.

When I was first exposed to

When I was first exposed to the truth I had a hell of a time reorienting myself, during my study I read up on the use of Mind Control, specifically its use during the Korean War (brainwashing is derived from "xǐ nǎo" ("wash brain")). The technicque was used on the population in general in China inorder to make them easier to control, and on our POWs. It was not used to make people "sleeper" agents or the like, but as a matter of practicality. It allowed fewer personnel to manage more prisoners.

Later, two studies[citation needed] of the Korean War defections by Robert Lifton and Edgar Schein concluded that brainwashing had a transient effect when used on prisoners of war. Lifton and Schein found that the Chinese did not engage in any systematic re-education of prisoners, but generally used their techniques of coercive persuasion to disrupt the ability of the prisoners to organize to maintain their morale and to try to escape.

American alarm at the new phenomenon of substantial numbers of U.S. troops switching their allegiances to the enemy lessened after prisoners were repatriated and it was learned that few of them retained allegiance to the Marxist and "anti-American" doctrines inculcated during their incarcerations. The key finding revealed that when rigid control of information ceased and the former prisoners' natural methods of reality testing could resume functioning, the superimposed values and judgments rapidly became attenuated.


"Extinction" is what you're looking for...

Yes, behavioural conditioning has been studied for a long time and, after several decades of research, this is only a very small part of the paradigm. More recently, interest is growing in a process that breaks down learned associations, a phenomenon called "extinction." There is still significant debate in the literature as to whether "extinction" is unlearning or new learning. The work I'm doing points to the learning of a new association that is "superimposed" upon the first association, and that both exist but compete with each other. Many lines of research suggest that the original association is never really lost or destroyed, but can be superceded by a second (third, fouth, etc...) association and is largely dependent upon the context or situation. With respect to 9/11, the original association was so strong that, for most people, it has taken years and years to be replaced by new associations, through exposure to different views of the events. This is apparent in people's responses to hearing "9/11" but over time and exposure to new associations responses do change as we have seen. Still, its only a small part of the problem, which is really that there are virtually NO new associations presented in the mainstream media, which many people still rely upon, and that is reinforced by TV programs that promote fear and terrorism. I'm doing my PhD in behavioural neuroscience (BNS) and can write more about this if anyone's wants more info. So far, most of the BNS researchers I've tried to discuss this with are still bound by the first association, which is a testament to the power of animal nature over enlightened reasoning. Cheers, Laurie Manwell