A Proposal for Taking Truth to Them Tuesdays with 9-11 Justice Squads

This is a response to Lucus, David Slesinger and others call to hone our strategy and points of pressure, so that we can win.

I have a powerful feeling that the ideas which have been presented here represent the potential trimtab for the 9-11 Justice movement. Buckminster's Fuller's use of the concept of the trimtab needed to help turn the rudder on a masive ship, such as Earth, is related to the ideas of accupressure/puncture. Find the spots with the most bang for the buck.

We could create something in resonance with the international movement for action on the eleventh of every month with its epicenter at www.truthaction.org . These actions have generally been focused around reaching the general public and the media. We could augment this with a movement for specific actions on tuesdays focused in on the USA. We have the deepest responsibility to clear this up, being that it happened here (though clearly, since people from over a quarter of the nations of the world were murdered that day, this was a crime against humanity). Thus, we who live in the US, need to work very intensely and strategically since we are closest to the people and the levers of power. But just like in permaculture design, we dont want to just throw brute effort at this, since as fairly hairless (some less so than others) hyper-protypical simians, brute force is not our strong suit on this planet nor against our foes. Thoughtful design and strategy coupled with a bit of guts and vision can be our greatest tool.

If we were well organized, we could have small groups or individuals around the country taking each tuesday, in remembrance of that terrible second tuesday in September, to bring truth packs- well organized, compelling and compact- to the public servants whose solidarity and action is crucial for us to prevail. These packs could be very specific to the group that is receiving it.

For example:

1st tuesday-Police stations-"Freedom to Fascism", "Terrorstorm", "9-11 Press for Truth", "9-11 Justice"
2nd tuesday-Fire stations-"Dust and Deceit", "Improbable Collapse", "9-11 Mysteries", "Terrorstorm"
3rd tuesday-City Halls (mayors, city councils, etc.)- "DRG lectures", "9-11 Press for Truth", "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime," "Freedom to Fascism"
4th tuesday-Federal buildings (FBI, State Department, judges etc.)-"Kill the Messenger", "9-11 Press for Truth", "9-11 Justice", "Terrorstorm"
5th tuesday(if it exists)-Media (though we should really create real relationships and draw them into our entire strategy, like we're sharing a beautiful story of possibility and breakthrough with them. i think we need to defocus on the idea of forcing the massive MSM to cover "the facts" and give them more clear stories about solutions, thoughtfulness and courage. Once they see us really getting to our public servants, especially the police and the firefighters, they'll be begging us for a story.--For a DVD, just give them "The Ultimate Con(spiracy)" and show them that collectively they have already reported a good chunk of the story, and now all they need to do is put the pieces together and tell it.

Everyone should also get a one page letter of the most salient facts, a one page letter of our motivation (I like the quick and powerful ideas that Mr. Slesinger uses) and a one page letter of what we would like them to do (possible avenues of action). And we should record (video, audio, photograph) our encounters and post online.

If we were to share the weight, we could create many "Justice Squads" with a good mix of people in each one, not too big and not too small (approximately 5 might be a good size). They should be as well balanced in terms of areas of expertise, interest or background as possible. Some folks may have "ins" at some of these places, so they should go there. If we properly execute, within a few months we could be well on our way to prevailing.

AND if we combine this with the willingness of the peace AND patriot movements to put a large group of people in DC this fall for demonstrations, teach ins, press conferences and culture, AND the willingness of certain brave individuals and groups to do strategic civil disobedience when powerful and neccessary, AND the deepening of "truth squading" in the Presidential campaign, we might have a much more beautiful social landscape come 2008.

We can and will prevail. Truth, Justice then Peace. Let's make it happen (sooner and bloodless rather than later and bloodier)!!

Great idea...

can anyone give some advice on which video they think has the most impact for the general public? 9/11 mysteries is one that I frequently suggest to friends and share online, but I haven't seen all of these. Also, when is Final Cut coming out? Has anyone heard anything????

IMO, there isn't one 9/11 film that is all things....

.....to all people....but there are many that provide a vital piece of the puzzle...."911 Mysteries" definitively deconstructs the controlled demolition of the WTC, David Ray Griffin's filmed lectures destroy the governement's official conspiracy theory, "Press For Truth" lays out the resistance by the Bush Administration to giving the American people answers through an honest investigation of 9/11 and puts a human face on and reminder of the victims of that day, "Terrorstorm" exposes the tactic of State-Sponsored False-Flag Terror and details the historical record of it, and "America: From Freedom to Fascism", while not a 9/11 Truth film, reveals that 9/11, as criminal and traitorous as it was, is symptomatic of even bigger problems in our governance.

There are other very good films as well.....a new version of "9/11 Revisited" (which I haven't seen yet), Barrie Zwicker's "The Great Conspiracy", and the new "Zeitgeist"....other people, I'm sure would add others...

Hopefully, Loose Change Final Cut will retain the prior version's compelling story telling without the factual weaknesses and speculation that marred its predecessors....and be that definitive 9/11 documentary....we'll see.....

9/11 Truth is the Real Peace Movement

don't forget....

"Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" I think it's a very good overview of things that should have been done but weren't, which then leads to the question as to why? And it's only 1hr long.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." ---- Mark Twain


I like sections of many of the video's, all of the ones i've seen so far, but i think no one is perfect or complete. The Dvd's seem to do good to get people started, though. I still confess i favor fliers most of all, but a good mix of both is a great mix : )

Excellent Idea!

The more the better...

Go out and spread the truth like you never have b4

Very Well Thought Out..

This is very well thought out, and a really constructive plan. Though have to pipe in with the thought of reaching the local neighborhoods as well : ) Although in part you may be doing that by hitting up fire departments and police stations.

I particularly like this thought: If we were to share the weight, we could create many "Justice Squads" with a good mix of people in each one, not too big and not too small (approximately 5 might be a good size). They should be as well balanced in terms of areas of expertise, interest or background as possible.

We all have our specific area's that are easier for us to explain, and we have more information in our heads, on. As long as we don't come off as a group of attack dogs out of mere desire to get the word out, it can be highly effective and extremely energy efficient : ) I do believe it can be done with a smaller group as well, even then 5, and might even come off better(in terms of the introductive appearance to approached individuals). People can sometimes feel ganged up on, i have noticed that a group of 2 or 3 speaking with an individual or a couple indivduals seems to be an optimum comfort zone for those we are trying to reach. Wonder what others thoughts are on this?

I'm not personally a huge fan of reaching out to the mainstream media with actions, as i think they are so well aware but just biting their tongue(lower people)/complicit(higher people), cept as doing an event to point out their blacklisting of truth. But if you feel a station can be reached, as you shared with me regarding the sf group, then i would say definitely go for it. More so i like the idea of reaching out to alternative media papers, that perhaps have been hush hush on 9/11. They may yield positive results more often, plus alternative paper writers tend to have their own blogs/publications as well, and may at least speak up there ; ) But once again, go with it if you feel you can reach it. Anywhere in reach, should be reached : )
Thanks much for pointing me here : )