did the BBC have a warning about 911?

On September 11 2001 I was watching BBC breakfast news at about 8am GMT from my hotel room in Manchester UK, I saw the business presenter Declan Curry make reference to someone ringing in to ask about a crash on the stock market - he laughed this off saying there was no chance of this happening.

6 hrs later the attacks started and as the horror unfolded I couldnt but help remember what the BBC presenter had said about the crash on the stockmarket.

Should this be proven true, the BBC in England may have received a cryptic warning about the attack 6 hours before it happened.

the BBC so far has not responded to any emails about this question.

trying to get archive footage of the programme in question

have asked the BBC if its possible to get the footage - but no luck so far.

I believe someone has posted

I believe someone has posted the links
to the archives where all the newscoverage
of the attacks can be downloaded, Ill try to find
it and post the link.

earlier footage needed.

the clips on the site start at 8:45 edt which are way later than the 8am GMT clip I'm looking for.

unable to get footage from the BBC

Does anyone else know how to get hold of this footage as it could be historically important. The clip I'm looking for is the financial slot of the BBC breakfast news broadcast in the UK around 8am GMT where Declan Curry dismisses the idea reported by a caller that there may be a crash on the stockmarkets that day.