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You obviously couldn't "wage war" without 9/11. - Jon

I doubt it was the only reason, but it may well have played a significant role in our motivation to wage war.

- Ron Paul

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A friend of mine tonight brought up the declining dollar. This is the first time I'd heard someone other than myself, and a few others mention it. That, to me, suggests that the collapse of the dollar may be upon us. I am by no means a financial expert, however, I am someone that follows the news. It doesn't take a financial expert to see what is happening to the U.S. Dollar. I don't know what to say other than hope for the best, and expect the worst.

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Dear Jon..........

it's funny when a person takes the time to look , and see the parts of history that our education system has left out the picture of the puzzle becomes clear.

Thank you.....

for organizing, compiling and posting this information under individual topics (like this one and the prior "Opium" one)....I am starting to bookmark them for any future references.

Very helpful.

9/11 Truth is the Real Peace Movement

Amero Currency

Money As Debt


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Dollar Hits All-Time Low Vs.

Dollar Hits All-Time Low Vs. Euro

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) -- Worries about the strength of the U.S. economy sent the dollar stumbling in Europe Friday, where the euro broke through the $1.38 mark for the first time.

The 13-nation euro moved as high as $1.3813 in afternoon European trading before falling back to $1.3786. That was up from $1.3783 in New York late Thursday.

The dollar, which has been under pressure all week, fell after the U.S. Commerce Department reported that retail sales in June fell by 0.9 percent compared with the previous month. That was its biggest drop since August 2005, and came as demand for cars, furniture and building supplies plummeted.

Concerns about the strength of the U.S. economy, fueled largely by woes in the subprime housing sector, have boosted the euro against the dollar.

Higher interest rates and the economic slowdown have lead to more defaults in subprime mortgages, which are loans to borrowers with weak or spotty credit histories.

The British pound continued to trade around 26-year highs against the dollar Friday. On Friday, it rose to $2.0334 from its level late Thursday of $2.0304.

The dollar slipped to 122.21 Japanese yen from 122.41 yen.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Ron Paul Dollar

Petro-Dollar and Petro-Euro

Right before 9/11 Iraq threatened to start selling its oil in Petro-Euros instead of Petro-Dollars.
Iran threatened to do the same, but has wisely "changed its mind".
Since there is no gold standard that backs up U.S. currency, if people started trading oil for euros instead of dollars, the U.S. economy would quickly collapse. This is probably at least partly the reason for 9/11. (there was no single reason for it — there are many)

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