What I think about Homeland Security and the New Supposed Threat

"I don't believe there is an Al Qaeda threat, more than likely the inside chicken hawks have another bombing planned for the US in the near future."

These are not my words but this guy speaks for me, via liveleak

I could'nt agree more.

That man is a good example of an American (one of millions) ...one of us...

Who knows what going on...

Together we shall stand

But when are you...

... millions of citizens who are "in the know", collectively - en masse, so to speak - show that you know?

Good Spiel

I couldn't have said it better. I might add the Anthrax attacks remain a Smoking Gun--it all points to special weaponized stuff only available through a few places! He might've added the anthrax was meant to intimidate Daschle and Leahy.