9/11 Truth In Perth (Western Australia). A Report on 11th July 2007 Street Action.

We had a hugely successful day today!

Perth - 911 Truth Street Action - 11 July 2007After last months lone mission this was simply awesome. Six of us met at the pub for introductions and light refreshments before heading in to the Murray St Mall near Forrest Place. (the heart of the city).

We picked the busiest possible area and set about erecting our banner and signs. Within minutes we had hundreds of curious people staring at us, not quite knowing what to expect. One happy fellow raced up and introduced himself before saying that he thought he was the only person in WA who had a problem believing the 9/11 fairytale. We had many knowledgable people rock up and share their 9/11 concerns and DVD burning experiences with us. It seems there are many potential new truthers around Perth. Everyone received a Deception Dollar and one of the many flyers we'd all taken along. Some received a DVD as well.

After exposing our banner to approx 3000 passers-by within 45 minutes we were asked to move on by a couple of "City of Perth" security staff who advised that we required a permit in order to do this. They had no doubt spotted us on one of the many CCTV camera's protruding from every orrifice around the City Centre. Unfortunately we hadn't taken any photos while we were here. We obligingly packed up our kit and moved location to a far quieter walkway between the Art Gallery and the Alexander library. We were still within range of the city camera's but they didn't bother us again.

The magic moment of the day was when a policeman strolled up to us and asked if he could have one of our flyers. He said that he'd "heard that the buildings were brought down with explosives". We loaded him up with one of everything and he thanked us kindly before wandering off into the distance. Absolutely Magic!

It was an incredibly successful couple of hours and really enjoyable for all that attended. We gave out 110 DVD's, along with hundreds of deception dollars and flyers. I can't thank my fellow truthers enough, this group of total strangers have come together today and planted some quality seeds for the future growth of 9/11 Truth in Perth.

Photos here: http://picasaweb.google.com/911tap/July2007TruthAction

On a personal note, the 9/11 Wake Up call has caused me great anguish and frustration over many months. That inner dispair has been completely pulverised today (like the WTC) by getting out and taking Action.

When enough people know ...


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Perth closer to truth than many! These Truthers are a long....

way from any where but they have heard the call, whats wrong with you.

Next 11th is a Saturday so get out there!

Kind regards John

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!