Daily half hour bullhorning and/or speak-ins at major media (newspaper, tv and radio) and government buildings

We need more of this.

Their information war is pitching forward into this hot summer. We really need to turn up the heat and consistency quickly. We need to be a vocal presence out there, especially in front of the media, as they begin to report more and more of this stuff from Chertoff's gut. Some attention to City Councils, Federal Buildings and Police stations would be good too. Talk about the threats coming fom the white house and about the warnings that prominent people are putting forth. Just a half hour at lunch time or some other time could potentially do alot.

Regular daily, weekly and monthly actions will be helpful I thiink in building the heat of the truth fire. The Eleventh Day Action has brought alot of people into the fold of action and made things more focused. If we keep tightening and increasing the frequency, intensity and focus, we will not only outreach to more people and urge more people into visible action, but we will see more media pay-offs like the truthaction group did up in the Bay. This was the fruition of some communication backed up by a few actions, tightly done and powerful actions yes, but just a few days of pointed pressure got building 7's "collapse" on tv to multitudes.

combining the daily media presence,
pointed public servant and legal-oriented actions weekly- see my post about Take the Truth to Them Tuesdays with 9-11 Justice Squads
and ever-growing mass actions on the Eleventh with August big and strategic

will make it much harder for them to threaten us and/or make bad with their threats

and, more importantly it will set us u p for a big crashing wave of truth this September and into the Fall

Coming this Fall, the "Fall" --that has almost as good a ring as "the 9-11 Treason Trials" live on C-Span. How could the MSM not love that proposition, other than William Colby's offspring of course. The ratings will be astronomical, better than a Bush/Bin Laden (if he's alive or if he's not) Ultimate Fighting Championship pay-per-view event. Holla if you hear me now!

p.s. we here in the movie and celebrity capitol of the world have our celebrity truth-squading work to do also. Art, you know what's up. Let's make it happen.