Michael Moore: "Why can't we see the Pentagon videos from 9/11?"

At last Michael Moore breaks his silence. Clip via brasschecktv

Not what hit, but how it hit

Moore does believe that a Boeing hit the Pentagon, but he wonders how they managed to do it, given that an average pilot would have had great difficulty in the maneuver. Titles like these make it seem like he isn't sure what hit the building, which he does not say. He only wants to know how . . .

One possibility is here -

Programmed Flight Control
Hacking the Flight Computers to Take Control of the Targeted Jetliners

Boeing 757s and 767s apparently use hydraulic systems to drive the control surfaces, like the elevators, ailerons, and rudder. Thus they are not 'fly-by-wire' in the same sense as the more recent 777s. However, 757s and 767s can be flown entirely under the control of their flight management computer systems (FMCS), according to Boeing.

The fact that Moore keeps

The fact that Moore keeps focusing on *what* hit the Pentagon raises a suspicion for me. He should instead be focusing on the standdown of NORAD ("that would be un-american" I guess) or the fact that the Pentagon was left undefended an hour after the 2nd WTC plane struck in NYC. There are so many anomalies of that day, the fact that Moore is only concentrating on one contentious issue that many 9/11 truthers can't even agree on raises a red flag.

I STILL don't trust Michael Moore.

Actually, it was 34 minutes....

....after the second tower was hit that something hit the Pentagon....still way too long...and, of course, NOTHING should EVER hit the Pentagon under any circumstances....

9/11 Truth is the Real Peace Movement

Grass-roots journalism kicks ass


We cannot expect Michael Moore to be totally direct, and I feel it is unfair to expect him to be at this point.

Here's an idea- make your entire family and all your friends see "SICKO". This movie is deeply powerful and it cuts right to the center of what it means to be human. This movie is the kind of psychological preparation people will need to deal with the consequenses of taking down the world system of exploitation and fear.