9/11 is a Golden Opportunity for Peace

The powerful always over-reach. 9/11 was a huge over-reach- and a huge mistake by our Neocon leaders. Without 9/11, the New World Order, The Corporatocracy, and the rich would have won for sure- over time.

But they wanted it all and they wanted it now- and they took it. Blatantly. And people know it, deep inside. It is a brutal reality to face and very uncomfortable knowledge. Rather than deriding our fellow citizens for being blind and jamming the truth down people's throats, we should kindly ease them into the knowledge and aknowledge that we are all human, and there are powerful psychological reasons for people's blindness.

There are millions of true patriots who just need a little shove in the right direction.

In my opinion, this movement is now to big to stop, short of the worse case scenarios. Even the foot soldiers in the army of the wicked can be converted to the cause of truth and righteousness. We have to understand that when the truth is finally aknowledged, there will be monumental change on a world-wide basis. This could truly be the salvation of the human race- what more motivation do we need?

Tom Pain

But what is the scanario, now that there is no doubt?

I agree, the truth will have major repurcussions both within the USA and Internationally. The fake war on terror will end and peace and justice shall reign. Clearly it is a chance to set many things right as you say, to redeem the human race.

But what are we facing?

An International War Crimes Racketeering Organisation consisting of the international neocons such as Bush, Blair, Aznar, and others as suggested implicitly by the Public speech given by Dr. Alfred Lambremont Webre (International law) ?

What is the scanario once the 911 Truth movement has achieved critical mass?
How are matters to be settled?
Do we have to wait for the next US presidential elections?
Which candidate and which congress can be trusted?

Are these the steps necessary to reach the end of this nightmare?

First. A truly independant fact finding commission. Not another whitewash, I agree, but who could nominate such a commission? Could we trust congress to nominate such a body without getting politics involved?
Should it be it international?

Second: Could the present US courts handle a trial given the present laws such as the patriot act that are on the books? Should a special war crimes tribunal be set up? By whose authority?

Like you I cant wait to see the perpetuators of 911 and related crimes face justice.
The torturers
The collaborators
The complicit media
The war criminals

Has anybody thought through these questions other than Dr. Weber?

Now that we are winning, what is going to happen next?
Now that there are no doubts that 911 was an inside job, and the war on terror totally synthetic?

These are the sorts of questions that came to mind, as I read your piece: 9/11 a golden opportunity for peace.

Its the only Golden Opportunity we got

O.K. Lesage...let me think a little.

We Need a true leader- who will also be the lead of the investigation/prosecution team. We also need a bad-ass grass roots leader. Iv'e heard Elliot Spitzer mentioned for the investigation. I like him. It would really help if Kucinich is serious about what he's alluding to (see youtube footage). We need to keep our leaders safe.

We have to approve a hostile takeover of our government by an investigative team of unassailable integrity- backed by foreign nations. We have to give this group the power to toss the Patriot act.

We have to offer limited immunity to many people to get at the worst. We need a new, clean election with all new players under all new rules within one year of the investigative teams usurption of our soveriegnty.

I suppose the trial will have to be international- I know water chemistry, not law. God I wish this thing had spell check. Keep your chins up America!