Actions of July 11

WOW... Superb Photo Slideshow YT...

Great job to ALL who did something to spread 9/11 Truth on the 11th July 2007...

All these "ACTIONS" throughout the world need to be written as a page in world history !!!

Many thanks and best wishes

Thanks veritas!

All these heroes are making history, for sure.

Here is the photo library: truthr

Also, I put the code for embedding this slideshow here if anyone's interested.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Nice pics. Who are those

Nice pics. Who are those girls in that first pic? They are

Very hot indeed

These pictures are highly encouraging! Great job!

San Diego 9/11 Truth Meetup Group

Saw a "9-11 Inside Job" sticker in SD

Just an FYI.......

Was in San Diego this past weekend and as I was waiting to make
a left turn, I saw a "Remember 9-11 Was An Inside Job" sticker on a
"No U Turn" sign in La Jolla!

Loved it!

Those SD Truther's are awesome!!

Tucson, Arizona!

San Francisco: The Bohemian Club

Before our demonstration at the Bohemian Club, we had to make sure that the area was clear so we did a bit of reconnaisance:

The Eleventh Day of Every Month