TV News Lies: "AND THEN THERE WAS ONE… The Final Holdout: 9/11"

TV News Lies: "AND THEN THERE WAS ONE… The Final Holdout: 9/11"

By Reggie, Contributing Editor,

Not to worry, this is not about truth seekers or conspiracy theories. It’s not about the long list of anomalies and discrepancies in the official story of 9/11. It’s not even about the undeniable fact that the events of 9/11 gave George Bush and his handlers the keys to the neocon kingdom of empire. It really is not.

What it’s about is the strangest phenomenon I can recall in my entire adult life. It’s about what I perceive to be an extraordinary lapse in the logic of millions of otherwise sensible Americans. And it’s about something I cannot wrap my mind around, no matter how I try. Maybe someone out there can help me understand what’s going on.

In preface, let me also say that this is not about being uninformed. Granted, the corporate media have suppressed any discussion, debate or investigative reporting about the attacks on the United States that purportedly ‘changed everything.’ That reality aside, even the most fawn-like pundits on the airwaves understand that the ship of state is sinking, and that it is time to challenge the lies of this administration. But, it seems that lie after lie has become fair game for disclosure, or at least for some discussion at this point. As a result, each day, the American people in larger and larger numbers understand that they have been taken for a terrible and costly ride by the lies they were told by this President and his cohorts.

That is, every lie but one.

Finally, nearly seven years after a stolen election that was itself based on lies, greater numbers of Americans are no longer blindly accepting the talking points emanating from the White House as the Gospel truth. In more and more media outlets the Bush lies are openly being identified as such, - rather than by every other euphemism meant to soften the ugliness of a government lying to its people. If people are not totally convinced, at least they hear debates and discussions and competing viewpoints. If nothing else, they are beginning to have doubts about the daily mantras that had them mesmerized for so long.

So let’s take a look at just the short list of these lies, so as better to understand my dilemma about the lone holdout: 9/11. Bear with me:

At this point in time, many, if not most Americans know that the men and women in the Bush White House clearly and deliberately LIED to them, both by omission and commission about:

- The Bush connection to the bin Laden family.

- Escorting dozens of members of the bin Laden family out of US after 9/11

- The Patriot Act having been written decades before 9/11

- The call for a ‘new Pearl Harbor’ by the neocons who orchestrated the wars

- A totally invalid and false connection between Iraq and the ‘War on Terror

- Regular, politically timed terror alerts

- Toxic air quality at Ground Zero after 9/11

- The ‘junk science’ of Global Warming and its effects around the globe

- WH orders to suppress and politicize reports on by the Surgeon General

- Plans for wars with Iraq and Afghanistan that were made before 9/11

- Saddam Hussein’s possession of WMD

- Saddam Hussein’s connection to Al Qaeda

- Saddam Hussein’s involvement in 9/11

- Saddam Hussein’s threat to the US or his neighbors

- Having NO plans for an extended occupation of Iraq or for keeping the peace

- Inadequate armor and supplies for our men and women in uniform

- Supposed ‘progress’ in Iraq, time after time

- Fudged numbers of civilian deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq

- The staged ‘toppling’ of Saddam’s statue

- The staged rescue of Jessica Lynch

- The lies about Pat Tillman’s death by friendly fire

- Illegal warrantless spying on US citizens

- Torture at Abu Ghraib and other prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan

- Rendition of detainees to other countries for torture

- Outing Valerie Plame as a CIA operative

- White House involvement in the firing of federal prosecutors…

There are so many more lies to list, but I think you get the idea.

Am I wrong to believe that in any other life situation there would be a different reaction to a series of important lies? If you became aware that your plumber or your neighbor or your doctor, or anyone at all in your life lied to you over and over and over about issues that were relevant to your well being, would you ever again believe ANYTHING that person said to you? I really don’t think so.

So, after becoming aware of lie after lie after lie by Bushco, why would anyone in his or her right mind FULLY EMBRACE THE OFFICIAL STORY OF WHAT HAPPENED ON 9/11 WITHOUT A SINGLE QUESTION? Why would anyone in the United Sates of America conclude that the official version of the most important event in recent American history AS TOLD BY PROVEN LIARS is true?

Help me out here, please.


Bottom line: I fully understand how difficult it is to believe anything other than the official government story of 9/11. The editor of has examined the reasons behind the refusal of so many Americans to believe the mounds of evidence that challenge the credibility of the story we have been told. Fine and good.

But, frankly, for the purpose of this article, your personal opinion about who was responsible for 9/11 is irrelevant. It makes no difference at all. What matters is that we examine the strange illogic that stops millions of Americans from questioning a possible lie – one that may matter more than any other. These same Americans now seem willing to openly question many of the lies that are told and repeated ad nauseam by the President and his clan. They are now for more skeptical about their messages and far more hesitant to believe anything George W. Bush tells them in his speeches and press conferences.

But they still will not consider for a moment that the official story of 9/11 as told by this lying government may also be a lie. Ergo, the illogic I cannot understand..

The official story of 9/11 has been told by professional, experienced, and successful liars.
Think about that as you try to explain the need to believe it.

Maybe it will take another 9/11, as we’ve recently been warned may happen very soon, to convince Americans that the most egregious and damaging of all the lies told by the Bush administration must not remain off limits.

We really have few choices left. We have to reach that logical moment when we can openly discuss and debate and examine the available information about 9/11, no matter what the outcome may be. We have to retrieve our collective abilities to examine the events of that day. Perhaps, then, we finally can say about the lies we have heard….:

…and then there were none.


Thread started at The Blogger Board on Global Warming.

Blind about 9/11

Even intelligent Americans cannot accept that their government could be so foul as to attack its own people. The only conclusion is that the need to believe in a strong but in reality is an authoritarian yet somehow benevolent government is part of the mixed up mythology relied upon by the neo-cons. Peoples' security and comfort level is at play. Also, whenever theyr'e questioned, our members of Congress continue to cover up 9/11 by giving false responses to 9/11 truthers as I didn't know that, give the details to my staff, etc. It's not believable that any member of Congress doesn't know what happened on 9/11. They're aided by the media who won't touch 9/11. Now there's finally talk of impeachment over the air waves, but the media still won't touch 9/11 because then Bush and Cheney might be thown in jail as well. There must be severe warnings to reporters and talk show hosts about what to report to continue the cover up.
Only Ron Paul answers with reinvestigate 9/11 in public. Kucinich is more guarded. The other candidates are just dismally submissive to the neo-cons.

Don't forget Mike Gravel

Gravel's pro-investigation of 9/11 statements to questioners have twice appeared on 911blogger recently.

It's elementary.

Quite simply, because: "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows." -- Epictetus

The ‘junk science’ of Global Warming

all your long list of lies seems acurate, however this looks ot of place to me:

- The ‘junk science’ of Global Warming and its effects around the globe

Why is it that some elements of the 'truth movement' refuse to accept this basic fact? Global warming very real,. our actions do indeed have consequences,. I see that some of you fear the implications of global warming as much as others fear the implications of 9/11. You do the same thing those people do; out of fear of what the truth means, you deny the reality that our petrolium exploitation for the last hundred years, has had massive effect on the atmosphere! I know you fear the loss of the lives we have all known for several generations now,. limitless energy consumption fuleing our consemerism to the point of insanity. If you lock your self in your garage with yout SUV running you will die,.right? if you pump this same exahst into the atmosphear endlessly day after day and more and more every year,. it does have effects, no?
the end of the oil age is not the end of the world,. the end of the world as we have known it, for sure,. but not the end.
SO, my point is, if you really want to understand WHY so many people are risistant to being told that the powers that be are willing to perform terrorism on we-the-people to manipulate us for their profit$ and control,. then just look at how resistant you are to the very real threat that our industrial oil age is effecting the weather. and that the oil is running out to boot!

You're right - It's out of place

as are rantings about "illegal" immigration, north american union, ron paul, "new" world order, etc. These are attempts to inject a particular ideology - in this case a completely bankrupt and antiquated ideology, into the discussion about the 9-11. These are the same people that got taken for a long ride in the country by the likes of Reagan. They are simply unwilling or unable to undertake the process of RETHINKING everything they have been spoon fed for mant years.

You're way off.

The NWO, and NAU are intimately related to 9/11. If you can't see this, you clearly haven't done your research.
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

'junk science" is a

'junk science" is a reference to Bush Administration scientist putting forward 'junk science' - GW is real, no doubt.

Top scientists disagree on whether global warming is man-made

Re: - "The ‘junk science’ of Global Warming and its effects around the globe"

There are very few climate scientists who deny global warming is a reality, but there are many who say it's part of a natural cycle.
Many of the world's top climate scientists are interviewed in the "Great Global Warming Swindle" , as well as the CBC documentary, "Global Warming Doomsday called Off". These movies present powerful evidence.

Until I saw these movies I believed the common perception that climate change is man made, now I see that the leading scientists disagree on the causes of global warming, and I personally don't know, maybe it's a combo of factors. I still think it's important to reduce the toxicity we humans put in the environment.

BTW, in terms of actual interviews with climate scientists, these docs blow Gore's movie away.


... is exactly how the truth movement should approach those so willing to deny anything happening.
Yeah, its fine and dandy that we "have" physics on our side, and so on and so forth.

But if we are to focus on success in this movement, its focusing on the pure facts of that day. The whistleblowers, history of false-flag terrorism, NORAD and Air-Defense anomolies, and this article, too. Show people you are talking to that there is no other way BUT to question 9|11 because of everything we've been lied to as is.

If we "flex too much muscle" as I like to call it, we will get no where. Let those you are educating put together the pieces of a 'controlled demolition' or something of the sorts - just show them

This is a good article to reference to when speaking of the plethora of lies we've been told over the years.


Protest and sit-in

PLEASE try to make this impeachment protest and sit-in organized by Cindy Sheehan. As it will be a very determined group of people wide open to questioning our will also be a great time to hand out 9/11 DVD's and postcards. Meet-up time is 10:00 a.m. (7/23) at Arlington Cemetery with a walk to the Capital. See you there!

Dear Rep......

THANKS ! That was awesome! Great read!

American commitment to being ignorant

I am also more upset at the American public than I am at the gangsters who run the country.

One way I put it is that history may judge that the American public deserves to live under brutal tyranny. Not that I want it that way. I put so much effort out to make up from those who do nothing.

When I speak on nonviolence I note that American are much more concerned with winning than they are about understanding the truth. Leo Durocher, the baseball manager, said " Nice guys finish last." Vince Lombardi, the football coach said," Winning isn't the most important thing. winning is the ONLY thing."

In contrast, Gandhi defined his method of nonviolent struggle, satyagraha as," holding fast to the truth" or "putting one's whole weight on the truth."

The real question for our purposes should be what can truthers do about this problem that we aren't already doing? My answer to that is that the real heroes are people who are capable of having a civil discussion about the issues. This means that defenders of the OCT who can and do discuss the evidence civilly and in depth(are there any?) are making a greater contribution than dedicated truthers who can't speak without venom. This especially applies to those who spew venom at other truthers, calling them disinfo. If you think that no reasonable person could disagree with you without being paid by the state, you do not have a right to be listened to by most sane people.

My friend Gene Sharp,author of The Politics of Nonviolent Action, considered the Clausewitz of nonviolent warfare, holds that the dangers of police agents are not their lying and their spying, but their ability to generate mistrust between genuine activists.

There's nothing wrong with criticizing other people's words and actions. Use the term "misinformation". Why isn't that just as effective as the term"disinformation"?

It is also useful to distinguish between evidence and theory. If you present evidence and the other person wants to discuss theory, THEY ARE LOOKING FOR AN EXCUSE TO IGNORE THE EVIDENCE.

Also, to help make your case, all you need show is that the USA Patriot Act was written before 9/11. There is no need to have to prove it was written that long before.

Also, it is certainly not obvious that man made global warming is junk science. Ask David Ray Griffin. Just because Gore has corporate connections doesn't mean everything he says is wrong. Your list should be confined to points that are obvious.

MSM help

Two great sources of info from the MSM:
Everybody should read that Harper's article.

Great work

I'm forwarding to all my local media.

The State of the Citizenry.

I'd say many people aren't emotionally ready to accept the fact. It's scares the hell out of them.
I'd also say the feeling of powerlessness that comes after initially realizing the facts is very frightening.
And I'd say people are scared of the powerfulness required of them to fix the situation they are in.
Responsibility scares many people. Personal responsibilities.

Otherwise I think it is weak ass bullshit and people should have the truth put in their face at every possible position.

My favorite quote - "The Truth is an offense, but not a sin" ~ Bob Marley.

John Dean has a great summary of the mindset of conservatives in his book "Conservatives without Conscience"

Weak people like authority figures. They'll wait for the "authority figures" to tell them the truth before believing it.
It is more comforting for them this way. That's why I'm pissed that Rosie got off the facts and into personal conflicts on the View. And then quit.

It's also evolution of thought. More and more lies are being slowly accepted by the population & soon there will be none!!! hopefully.

I feel your pain

I agree with all you have written, Rep. The logic and willingness to question our government has virtually vanished from the general public and mainstream media. Any of your bullet points would have been nightly TV fodder for weeks or months on end under a Democratic regime. Anybody remember the froth and fury about Whitewater? Where would it fit onto your list in terms of the greatest sin committed? Lies that killed thousands vs. a few shady real estate deals? Gimme a break, people.

I am completely convinced that this adminstration is planning a Hail Mary false flag attack, and it will come in a matter of weeks or months. The new tape of Not Really Bin Laden, and the daily dis-info about the new strength of al Queda are prepping the stage for this attack. But rather than thwart this falsie, my gut says they are going to carry it out, and likely on U.S. soil again. The foreign stuff like 7/7 just doesn't sell newspapers. Nothing hits the sheeple like an attack on our turf. The quote from a "senior U.S. Intelligence official" in this morning's paper cemented my belief in the impending false flag attack. I'll summarize/bastardize his quote; "You really need to believe us this time"

But, there is a bright spot here. WE are all watching. It took years of patient, quiet research and team building to assemble the 9.11 truth movement and the evidence we present. Do you remember GWB's "You're either with us or against us" mantra? Well, I was a truther from almost the first moment, and I'll tell you it was no easy road at first. Glad to have you all on board, and bless you all for your undying support for the 9.11 truth movement.

So not if, but WHEN this new "attack" comes, it will come into the waiting arms of the 9.11 truth organization, and a public that is at least growing more skeptical of the "terrorrist threat". I think they shot themselves in the foot the other day when the pot farm was discovered next to the DEA lab in Georgia. Not a lot of Muslim pot growers in Atlanta, but it was pointed out that these types of operations benefit the terrorrists.

So I extend to all my fellow truthers the warning to be ready, with Tivo, DVD, and all of the other things we need, to capture every moment of this new pile of crap that is headed our way, and to immediately brand it the heap of lies that it is.

"For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know it - now"
- Patrick Henry

Global warming

I think the point is that Bushco lied about global warming for so long.
That's my take on the sentence.

to jph

Before you accept global warming caused by what we do. Know that the powers that be want a global tax on everyone and global warming may bring people togeather to want the tax to fix it. The sun is causing the global warming on earth and all the planets. We are not polluting mars and jupitor are we.

Let's find Peace

denial in the truth communinty,. . Global Warming.

"Before you accept global warming caused by what we do." what? you can not see what we do? we are supremely distructive and greedy little creatures,. and we have very little forsight. I don't need to accept global warming is caused by humans, as I see it every day,. I watch endless lines of cars, trucks, and huge SUVs flowing along the freeways into, and out of, every single town and city I have ever seen,. I know the results of all this stupidly needless activity,. If cities where designed properly, people would not need to use a car every single day!!! It is utter madness,. we are consuming the last of a non-renewable resource in the persuit of absolutly nothing,. it is a wast of energy,. and it is poluting out air and then water and land,. It all ends up in out food you know!
What we should be doing is using the oil WHILE WE STILL CAN AFFORT IT,. to build sustainable systems that we can use once the oil is gone!
I am well aware of the plots to impose carbon credits and taxes and most of this is more control grid crap dreamt up by the Fascist Pirates to steal even more and implose more restrictions,. however living in some pipe dream that global warming is 'in gods hands' or some how not caused by out own stupitity in allowing these same bastards to run our lives and ecconomic systems is the hight of denile. If the sun is warming up as you seam to belive then global warming will only be worse!! (question the mosives of those how tell yuo this story!) don't just quote me BS from some religious anti-global warming site ,. as if its based on religious knowlage it based on mythology not reality,. or quote me some crap form some oil company shills,. I know what they want too,. try to face reality,. please. [ ]

but all thats for another day,. if we can't get the majority to care that 9/11 was pulled by PNAC, then we a quite doomed to fascist corporate fudalism.

Warming on Mars and Jupiter?

Any sources for that statement? I've never heard that before.

Also, was the PATRIOT ACT really written decades before? I had never heard that either.

Global Warming thread started at Truthaction

Interesting discussion, please bring your facts and opinions here;

Why they can't admit 911=IJ

Why can't Americans admit 911 was an inside job?
It's not because of logic, evidence, or anything rational.
It's psychological, emotional, and above all, political in the deepest sense of the term.

We've admitted national governments have oppressed and murdered minorities, workers, returned slaves to slavemasters, stole the entire territory from native Indians; we've admitted other shady dealings like the Gulf of Tonkin lie. But we've never had to face a national government that murdered 3000 Americans in cold blood, threatened the lives of Congress with anthrax, & probably murdered a sitting Senator (Wellstone) with absolutely no reason except to sieze more power & shred the Constitution.

If we admit this, then we must admit that the Regime is at war with all of us. We are no longer citizens, but mere subjects... we are all second-class citizens; or in that unique little term with such a long history in American parlance, "we all have become n****rs now."

However, the Regime has pulled a swift one in NOT pulling a Tien An Men-style assault (unless you count Waco); instead, they blame outside terrorists, then tell us we should blame them too. This is an intentional infliction of the "Stockholm Syndrome". And much like with an abused wife or child, as long as everyone plays along, the abuser promises not to get rough with us as well.

For anyone who considers themselves to be good Americans, NOW has become the time when they have to decide if they are going to close their eyes, or deal with reality. For those who are afraid to deal with reality (and a substantial fraction are, for a number of personal or social reasons), they may continue to do so, all the way into the concentration camps, because to admit the reality of 911 would mean they would have to confront evil has taken over one of the prime pillars of not only strength in their lives, but of goodness, at least assumable goodness. It would also mean that a pillar they have always told themselves they could count on, now sees them as expendable, both if they get out of line and if it needs a blood sacrifice for tomorrow's news. For many of these folks, that is going to be more frightening than considering the possibility that humans may be biologically related to apes, or that there is no resurrection awaiting after their death. It means the erasure of meaning from their lives.

The 911 attacks were designed to be a historic event of mythic proportions, to take their place in the pantheon of the American Empire alongside Pearl Harbor, Fort Sumter, Bunker Hill, or whichever events you care to name. It was designed and planned by those who pride themselves (correctly or not, rightfully or not) as the correct stewards of American Mythology. Attacks and events like these aren't meant to be legalistically refuted, but to smash through previous frameworks of meaning like Alexander the Great slashing through the Gordian Knot (a mythic event of the first rank; it doesn't really matter whether it really happened... for the Greeks and their followers, if was a cogent summation of the meaning of his conquest of civilized Western Eurasia and the establishing of a new framework of meaning for society. It's the sort of event that "if it didn't happen, it should have.")

Since the legalistic/ evidentiary part of this new historic plot-line has been busted, those who by temperament and training are willing to follow the evidence and to hell with consequences either have already converted or are in the process of discovering the data and playing catch-up with the early adopters (presumably, folks reading this...); the work now being done by the Empire's myth-managers to continually re-frame "911-truthers" as akin to "moon-landing deniers" is work as crucial to their terror-strategy as pulling off the original act itself. And it really should be expected, since as I noted above, for many, any admission of the possibility that the official custodians of the Government ARE the terrorists means throwing their whole psychological and cultural reality into a tail-spin; admitting the truth means driving themselves crazy, since they will no longer have any trustworthy frame of reference. Under those circumstances, it's easy to project than dread of craziness onto the messengers -- therefore, "those truthers are obviously crazy." And that's assuming they've even listened to any of the evidence. If they've never actually been introduced to any of the evidence, then simply hearing a few anomalies here and there without an alternative frame of reference simply sounds like crazy talk by itself, sort of like hearing snippets of WW2 history from a non-US point of view.

I'm not saying this to discourage anyone, but rather to suggest that the evidence here are the notes, but these notes must now be woven into coherent themes, a new set of music that American ears can hear with comprehension. The Imperialists have done their best (not very well, I might add) to make this a pasted-together replay of bits of WW2 and the Cold War (Pearl Harbor, and "they're everywhere, they could strike at any minute!" from the picture of "Communists and their dupes").

But they have gone too far, I believe this time, because now they've believed their internal BS, & thought they could not only pick the time and place of battle, but even create an enemy out of whole cloth (remember how the works of Sun Tzu were popular a few years back? Could this be a better example of creating the right enemy for the war you want to fight, so you're sure to win it?) And part of the reason is precisely tied to the dilemma I mentioned earlier, which is that understanding their relegation of all of us to "official ni****hood" emotionally challenges us to see this war as not about the Islamofascists out there, but a war against us right here. And the more you understand 911 as the main made-in-USA product of the 21st century, the more you have to believe THE ELITE ITSELF is convinced there is no enemy out there worth fighting, so it had to invent one, for multiple reasons: to keep the military machine going, to rationalize the conquest of oilfields and the terrorists who inhabit them, and to give us a reason to support all this non-freeing activity.

But (another psycho-logical twist), if you admit that, then you see yourself as either cannon-fodder, or as the real enemy the State is after, since it's we who have to suffer the security apparatus.

It's not enough to just understand "what happened." At some level, many do understand you have to then ask, "where does that put us now?" and "what do I do next, in light of this?" And in history and politics -- look at any number of previous controversies -- the tendency, unless you've spent your life gathering poli-sci data -- is to look for analogies. It's not too hard to see, that if this Fortess America we're building isn't a fortress to keep non-existent baddies out, then it can only be a corral to keep us livestock in.
If the government can kill us with impunity, that's a lot like the traditional role of the American Indians.
If the government can jail us, beat us, force us to show our papers, that's very much like the Jews in Nazi Germany, or (for those willing to admit it) like blacks in the good ole USA.
We are all now "Indians" in a real-life game of "cowboys & indians."
We are all now "blacks." Perhaps (and think about the psychological ramifications of this twist from the perspective of all the still-in-the-closet gays in the Republican Party), a more realistic analogy would be "gays" in the not-so-old days, when you were OK as long as you played the straight part. Sure, you can know whatever you want, as long as you keep it to yourself or among your friend, and don't try to act (out) on it. To some extent, it may be a big joke to still-closeted gays in the neo-con camp, to try and force so many others to live in the same kind of emotional strait-jacket they have. Not that it makes it anywhere near right.

I suspect we need to look at previous periods in US history when many, many people have found themselves on the outside with the forces of the State baring its fangs, and feeling its hot breath on their neck. Beyond that, we need to pay attention to those times when people prevailed, or at least survived to fight another day. Those stories exist, and they have had a variety of outcomes; we need to look for situations that not only historically fit our current situation, but which offer some hints as to not only organizational strategies, but psychological and emotional attitudes that work. Differing political groups will find certain eras as particularly good fits. Libertarians will like the original Revolution. Populists and Progressives will probably find their own early years with the Labor movement in the late 1800's to be useful. African Americans actually have a couple of periods (slavery, ended by civil war; and segregation, ended with federal elites siding with them against state elites -- but both periods also saw resistance, both overt at times, and covert over the long haul). In an interesting juxtaposition to the African-American experience, Southern white Americans also often vividly remember the War Between the States.

I suspect that this period could see elements of all of those:
a continent-wide collection of sub-cultures of resistance,
a very real consideration of geographic splitting (whether or not anyone here should ever advocate such is a totally different matter -- independence would not necessarily mean individual freedom. But if push comes to shove, there may be some value to letting your local powers-that-be that there are options out there to submission to Washington),
mass-organization, with independent media, political structures and agendas, economic strategies, as with the union movements;
we may want to pay attention to some non-US movements as well -- if so, we should pay great attention to which historical precedents are stressed. There are those who would never listen to favorite examples of independent organization from the classic left (say, anarchist communes or kibbutzim), but who would listen to near-hits to autonomous organization from more culturally comfortable groups, say the Amish. That's probably not the best thought-out combination of analogies, but hopefully the point still comes across. Think about who you're talking to, and show them that "we" have at some point gone through something like this before, and freedom either won out, or didn't totally lose in the end.

In the short run, I do believe mobilization of the "traditional" groups, along the Philadelphia Convention of this July 4th, along with traditionally anti-imperial church groups, and unions, are probably the best bet. They have the combination of independent organization, lines of communication, media and a history of knowing how to engage in independent action.

I also believe one important facet that's been missing to our whole American History Mythology is a firm understanding of why we should all be wary of Empire at Home even more than Empire From Abroad. That's something that other peoples have already been through at the macro-political and mythological level. Our mythology has always had an element within it that it might be something we should be on the lookout against -- but it's always been an academic consideration, a "future threat", while the Empire itself has always (very competently) provided immediate examples of Empires From Abroad for us to worry about.

Now is the time to consider bringing these ancient warnings from the Founding Fathers front-and-center. This IS the time they were warning us about. Someday, it really was bound to happen, and we are the generation that will either rebuild the Republic, watch it (and us) crumble beneath a home-grown Empire, or perhaps its time to intentionally bring the whole da***d experiment crashing down to the ground, Samson-like, if necessary, to prevent it from sparking off a nuclear war.

I do think it would behoove us to remember that part of the arsenal of the Empire has been its ability to set the agenda by setting the boundaries for what's considered "rational" and what's "out of bounds" and "crazy". Lately, most of its ability to set the boundaries of what's acceptable talk has been tied up with its ability to publically bitch-slap some poor suckers as a means to unconciously taboo some of us from discussing that group's areas of concern, or set conciously traumatize and humiliate and shame the rest of us into inaction by such an obvious display of power. That's been proposed as an explanation for setting up Waco to counter the Western militia movement of the 1990's, and I wouldn't be surprised if the current standoff with the couple in New England hasn't been selected in part because of the proximity of the several towns in Vermont that have publically called for Bush's impeachment.

What this shows is that there are two sides to brinksmanship. If you have the momentum on your side, you can push every compromise to the hilt, even setting your next demand as you take the current compromise -- a summary of what the conservatives have been pulling since Reagan -- but there's also the point at which you don't push a little, but instead go way beyond the pale, to shock the other side into doing nothing, since you so obviously will fly off the handle at the slightest provocation from them (and will then blame them for the whole situation -- "see what you made me do?"). That was the tactic with Waco, and it has been the implication behind every threatened terror attack cycle since 911.

This is something many in this country, when couched in this manner, they may easily recognize through the language of countering abusive relationships. That, in itself, may turn out to be a valuable "mythology" or meme for understanding both our predicament and the options. Keep in mind there have been many, many women and now-grown children who have had to deal with abusive spouses or parents. Often, leaders have turned out to be those who have translated their experience in dealing with trauma at the personal level into skills in dealing with similiar situations at a public level. There are probably a lot of folks who can resonate with the idea that Uncle Sam has turned into an abusive relative no longer deserving of love or respect, and for whom his obvious impotence overseas shows he is no longer capable of generating that much fear. Whatever experiences they have gone through in their personal lives may very well give them not only a script for understanding this situation, but some of the skills and even the emotional impetus to push back that much harder.

I don't claim to have the best solution for how we should look at this aspect of the issues of getting these ideas across to various groups of people. I do think that part of the answer lies in looking at this business of how to frame the conversations, in ways that help people get a handle on this on terms that make sense to them. If we simply rush in with a single frame of reference, this could easily end up looking to many Americans like a case of a few would-be playerstrying to set the agenda, since all of the talk seems to assume certain answers by assuming certain questions. That is part of the nature of frames of reference, so part of getting folks from different walks of life to take this on means giving them a chance to talk about this with you -- trying out their own terms, creating their own frames of reference that fit in with their own political mythology. Sometimes just giving them a chance to talk about this with you IS the best thing you can do at this particular stage, since their biggest problem is simply psychological validation -- since they don't have anyone else to talk to about this, it seems like an other-worldly discussion. The more people they know who take this seriously, the more it will come alive for them. You are also their model, showing them that it's possiblie to talk about this without censure, danger, etc.

You MAY find it helpful to ask them what they think about this from the angle of what they think it MEANS. It could give them a chance to address this very problem directly, and it will give them a chance to hear themselves, literally, say some pretty radical things out loud. If you are constantly on the side of the evangelist/ salesman, trying to get them to "close the sale," they may feel forced to either accept your "product", without any chance to really make it their own. If you've ever been in both even-handed religious or political discussions, then had someone also try to put the hard-sell on to you religiously and/or politically, then you probably recognize the situation.

For too long, we have all let the Empire divide us up into little camps, meant to be suspicious of one another. It's time for so many of us from differing perspectives to recognize that the one single threat we all face is now The American Empire, which threatens the institutions of our Republic and our Democracy alike. Progressives, Greens, Libertarians, truly Constitutional Conservatives can all stand together on that. In two-plus centuries, we haven't come to agreement on the proper relationship between ourselves and the Republic and the Democracy. We shouldn't expect that we will figure out the answer to that tomorrow -- it isn't necessary anyway. What we need to do is recognize how they are both threatened by the Empire, and we can fight that Empire now, together, precisely so we can continue that Republic/Democracy discussion at a later date.

Hope this helps a bit. It's probably disjointed, but then again it's off-the-cuff.