Bin Laden Uncovers Secret Formula to Halt Ageing Process

Paul Joseph Watson made me laugh. Check out the original post for pictures.

Bin Laden Uncovers Secret Formula to Halt Ageing Process
Bush and Blair look decidedly ropey six years later but Osama retains his youthful exuberance!

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, July 16, 2007

In his spare time between traversing and hiding in the caves of the mountainous Pakistani border region, Osama bin Laden has amazingly found the time to develop a secret scientific formula that completely halts the ageing process! Don't believe us? Look at the photos, Osama hasn't aged a day since 2001!

Osama in 2001.

Osama in 2007.

Look at the pattern of graying in the beard! Osama's barely aged a day! If anything, he looks younger six years later!

Compare him to Bush and Blair, who have obviously not had access to Bin Laden's remarkable discovery and have aged badly.

Bush in 2001

Bush in 2007

Blair in 2001

Blair in 2007

Don't let tinfoil hate wearing conspiracy theorists fool you into thinking that the new Bin Laden tape was just cobbled together old footage released by the Neo-Cons to justify "staying the course" in Iraq 6 months after the failed surge!

In reality, Osama has achieved an amazing scientific breakthrough and must be captured immediately so that the entire world can enjoy the benefits of eternal youth!

No dark arts happenin here.

He actually looks younger in 2007. That shouldn't surprise anyone though. This is the guy who could defy science on 9/11. Not only did he somehow fool the entire American military and air traffic control apparatus, he managed to totally demolish 3 buildings with only 2 airplanes-as-weapons and without the use of any explosives. These are only a few examples of his supernatural prowess.
Harry Potter has nothing on this dude.

No references

There are no references as to where the images for bin Laden came from.

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