Rowan Scarborough Says Ray McGovern & VIPS Are Sabotaging War On Terror

I am a huge fan of Ray McGovern's. He has one of the keenest intellects I've ever seen, and his insight into what's going on in our country, and in our world is incredibly valuable. You may remember that I questioned Ray and Scott Ritter last summer. I also questioned Ray during the 2004 9/11 People's Commission in Washington D.C., and defended him when the PNAC News attacked him. I was so proud of Ray when he confronted Rummy. So much so, I made a "tribute" to him. A lot of info there. - Jon


David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Tuesday July 17, 2007

Fox News on Tuesday interviewed veteran Pentagon reporter Rowan Scarborough about his "startling allegation" that "elements within the CIA are sabotaging our own War on Terror." Scarborough, a former columnist for the Reverend Sun Myung Moon-owned Washington Times, is the author of Sabotage: America's Enemies Within the CIA, which claims that "CIA bureaucrats are undermining President Bush and the War on Terror through disinformation, incompetence, and outright sabotage."

"The CIA ... is the only agency I know that has a retired group of officers who formed together for the sole purpose of attacking Bush," said Scarborough. "The head of the organization goes around the country giving speeches about how the government did 9/11."

This was apparently a reference to Ray McGovern of Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, who has criticized the 9/11 Commission Report by saying that "to say that no one could prevent 9/11 was a bold-faced lie. It basically let the president and everyone responsible off the hook."

"That, I think, gives you a little peak inside to the bureaucracy at Langley and how anti-Bush it is, and how they will do things like leak the existence of programs or leak false allegations against Vice-President Cheney or John Bolton," Scarborough added.

"You said that historically, the Pentagon seems to be more Republican, the CIA more Democratic --- er, more Democrat -- and they just don't like Bush," said the Fox host. "And so they make up these stories, you say. Is there ever hell to pay for them?"

"I don't know of any CIA officer who's been disciplined for any of the failures of the CIA," Scarborough responded. "Of all the allegations that were lodged out of the CIA against Bush people, nobody were held to account for that."

According to Scarborough, his book, which criticizes the CIA for its reluctance to cooperate with Doug Feith's Office of Special Plans in its cherry-picking of intelligence during the run-up to the Iraq War, was inspired by "Peter Hoekstra, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee. He wrote a private letter to Bush, warning him that the CIA was undermining what he was trying to do."

The following video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast on July 17.

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