Bennett responds "that's irrelevant" to "This president's father supported Saddam Hussein like his grandfather supported Hitler"

Early monday morning (7-16-07), Bill Bennett was attempting to shore up morale around the War on Iraq on his radio show "Morning in America" (6-9am EST, 1-866-680-6464). I figured it was time to check in with Bill to clarify the internal contradictions of his beliefs about 9-11 and the logic of the Global War on Terror. I was attempting to play the 'devil's advocate' of his belief system and poke holes in it from inside and then get to the facts. I really wanted to get into a discussion about false-flag terror in order to clarify why the War in Iraq is not meant by its architects to be "won," but I got caught up in back and forth with Bill and got axed soon after bringing it up. I really think someone needs to follow up with him specifically, because, as far as I know, he is the only signatory to the PNAC document to have a call in radio show. I was going to tell him that he is part of a group that Citizen's Grand Juries around this country are investigating for complicity in the attacks of 9-11.
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It is time we really get aggressive and blunt on the airwaves right now and let these people and their audience know that We the People and History will be holding them accountable for the past atrocities and anything that happens in the future. The clearer we are out there in the public arena on record, the more difficult it becomes for the terrorist controllers to market their atrocities in the making. Similarly to the direct truthactions of the Eleventh of every month, if you haven't called into a radio show yet, it is now crunch time, give it a go, record it and post it. I prefer to hone in on the 'Right', but we need people to hammer home the Truth of 9-11 and the real danger that we are facing right now to the Air America crowd. Say serious things that will catch people's attention in a very sober way. Check out my post with Zan Overall's great article about calling embedded within it with shows and numbers at the end.

Some constructive criticism and frank advice would be greatly appreciated. And so would some other examples posted.

Meanwhile, this is a quick memo to Mr. Bennett and his entire ouvre:

To: Bill Bennett

Subject: Why Bush Family Support for Hussein and Hitler is Not “Irrelevant” at this Late Date.

In your book “Why We Fight?,” you make the assertion that:

"The last time I looked, there was a crystal-clear distinction between a terrorist and a freedom fighter, and it had to do with the morality of means: A freedom fighter does not massacre innocent civilians in pursuit of his ends."

Your rhetoric of ‘moral clarity’ is hopelessly muddied and its ‘logic’ holds not one drop of water at this late date in history. Taken literally, your statement clearly implicates the U.S. government’s policies that you throw your full ‘moral’ weight behind.

U.S. actions in Iraq have massacred thousands of civilians directly, through bombs going ‘off’ target in Iraq and Afghanistan and the vicious and callous killing of civilians inevitable when you put young men and women with not much sense of context, history or cultural respect to search out and destroy an ‘enemy’ that could be any man, woman or child. And also thousands have benn massacred 'indirectly' by the horrific internal battle that we have set off through our actions, some with intent to sew discord and reap the benfits of divide and conquer, as shown by the story of the 2 British SAS special ops agents arrested in Basra dressed as Arabs sniping at civilians with a car full of explosives.

You can and have said that the difference is in intention. This is clearly a false statement about the “coalition of the willing” being that we have a record of the aborted, civilian-targeting false-flag op of the two British SAS agents. And are you willing to go on record to say that members of the US military have not targeted civilians, when we have video records of ‘soldiers’ passing time, doing target practice on innocent Iraqi people? And while this callous disrespect of human life is not the norm, I would hope, in the Armed Services, ‘men’ like you who ‘intellectually’ justify putting soldiers into a meat grinder situation must know that this type of thing is going to happen. Thus, I hold you and the rest of the state-sponsored terrorist ‘intellectuals’ accountable for inciting war crimes.

Speaking of war crimes, I said “this president’s father supported Saddam Hussein just like his grandfather supported Hitler.”
And in ‘response,’ you said, “Yeah, well so we’ve supported all sorts of people. We also supported (laughs) the mujahideen in their battle against the Soviets, but that’s irrelevant…”

To my fellow Jewish people and the millions of other human beings killed by people like Hitler and Hussein and all those “sorts of people” which ‘our’ government has sponsored with our money in our name, and about which you shrug off and laugh away, the complicitous crimes of oligarchs and tyrants are not “irrelevant.”

“Well it made a lot of sense given the record of Saddam. But we’re not going to go through all of that again.”

First we support them to do our dirty work and then we use them as an excuse to invade for ‘humanitarian reasons.’

“I try to take disagreeable calls, critical calls seriously, until you go off on a tangent.”

A tangent such as discussing the historical fact of false-flag terrorism during a time of the Global War on/of Terror, when our ‘leaders’ are threatening the occurrence of fresh atrocities against us by the ‘terrorists’ any day now is right on point I would say.”

“Alright fine. This is going nowhere.”

In terms of what we as a nation are doing in Iraq at this point with the massive presence of US troops, this would be a very accurate statement, if you added “except straight to hell.”

“They were very heartened and emboldened by 9-11 and we go to them to make sure that they do not do it again…Taking the war to the enemy where it is, is better than the enemy taking the war to us. I don’t know what is so hard understand there.”

When you say “we go to them to make sure that they do not do it again,” you are, in one phrase, articulating the racist homogenizing of an entire region that is par for the course in the “Clash of Civilizations.” It is not clear who “they” are. Muslims, Arabs, Iraqis, Middle-Easterners, terrorists-who exactly are “they?” Because if it is the latter, as the name of your beloved War would suggest, the fact that this government is coddling and protecting the known international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles who our State Department says is “an admitted mastermind of terrorist plots and attacks” throws a monkey-wrench into your pointing the finger only away from your ‘homeland.’ A man who blew up innocent men, women and children is being protected from Justice by this administration. You remember, don’t you Bill, when Bush said that we would consider any state that harbors terrorists as a target in the Global War on Terror. What are you going to say and do about it? You will probably chuckle and shrug it off as “irrelevant” as you did the treasonous historical tendency of the Bush family to aid and abet tyrants and enemies who murdered millions.

Additionally, you fail to see how your belief in the Big Lie of 9-11 makes winning a ‘war’ on terror impossible. In your infantile thought, 19 guys with boxcutters had the means to stand down the FBI and NORAD. And we are going to stop “them” from doing it again by fighting an indiscriminate war in a country from which none of the alleged highjackers actually came? More dead Iraqis and more dead American soldiers-that’ll show ‘em not to mess with the sleeping giant. In fact, the real giant awakening is the American people who have had it with the multiple fear-mongers, such as Michael Chertoff and Rick Santorum, basically guaranteeing looming attacks on the American people by Al-Qaeda in the coming months. Where is the talk about “they are dangerous, yes, but we will do everything possible on God’s green earth to prevent them from hurting you.” Our ‘leaders’ won’t even say that they are going to do their best to stop future attacks. Dick Cheney speaks in the language of ‘when not if’ when it comes to the possibility of future attacks, even nuclear. So, why don’t you admit it Bill? We the American people are just potential collateral damage like the thousands of Iraqi civilians slaughtered in this ‘war’ and the thousands of our country-mates murdered on 9-11 in the biggest false-flag terrorist op in history.

Knowing your level of discourse, I imagine you might say that if I despise this country so much, why do I choose to stay? I love this country, with all of its vicious and beautiful past, more than you ever would know how to. I have more real patriotism in my Jewish-Mexican American nose than you do in your entire body. You are a fair-weather ‘friend.’ You can’t face the hard truth about your own government and continue to love your nation. I can. And I work everyday to help heal its tortured and torturing past and present, so that it can live up to what it says it is about in the near future.

beautiful job man. typical

beautiful job man. typical of Bennett though, ignore ALL facts and go straight to the patsies "idealogy" and that scary Islam again. truly pathetic. its depressing how powerful islamophobia still is. they picked the right patsies, thats for damn sure.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA