Can the CIA be the real terrorists ?

The CIA will celebrate their 60th anniversary on July 26, 2007.

That's 60 years of violating not only the Constitution of the United States but also the Charter of the United Nations that was signed in 1945 with 49 other countries and the God given rights that every other human being on the planet.

60 years of covert operations, training people how to administer torture, assassinations, Coup d'etats, controlled demolitions, drug trafficking, smuggling, spying, breaking other countries agents into defecting, being double agents, causing chaos, kidnapping and the list goes on and on.

Osama bin-Laden had been trained and financed by the CIA to fight the Russians when they were in Afghanistan. Did we really get to see Osama's gratitude on 9/11 for helping him with the Russians or is Osama still performing a covert operation for the CIA ?

Is that the loyalty that we are to expect from all the others that the CIA trained?

Maybe Congress should stop the funding of the Central Intelligence Agency and allocate the multi-billions to other things like health care and social security.

OR investigating 911 to bring the culprets to justice. There isn't any time limit on murder.