Dallas 9-11 Truth Wins Push the Truth Video Contest

Dallas 9-11 Truth Wins Push the Truth Video Contest
Jones Report | July 16, 2007

Sorry to all for the delay-- we were quite overwhelmed by the vast number of quality entries-- but JonesReport.com is pleased to announce Dallas 9-11 Truth Action as the winning video in the Push the Truth action video contest.

There were over 90 entries, nearly all of which demonstrated great quality, artistic merit and information. But only one could win. Alex Jones has decided to name a 2nd place prize as well-- in the name of $100 and 10 copies of Terrorstorm.

The winning video, Dallas 9-11 Truth Action-- aptly subtitled Now its your turn-- proved the best demonstration of pushing the truth forward. Its participants took tangible action and spoke with real people-- which generated a number of surprisingly honest reactions and responses. The guy in red who didn't care how many buildings fell on 9/11 is unbelievable. It was also an interesting factor to spread 9/11 truth at Dealey Plaza-- also the site of a very curious government black op. The setting may have been one where people are willing to question more about what's going on. Others seemed more willingly resigned to ignorance. Putting an Infowars.com sticker on the X supposed to represent where the kill shot took place was an ingenious locale to plug one-such example of a website willing to explore the truth (incidently, JFK investigator Jim Marrs explained to Alex and crew that the X does not mark the actual spot and was just another distortion in the JFK murder explanation).

In essence, Dallas (and North Texas) 9-11 Truth Action really captured all the right elements-- actively willing to get the truth out there without being afraid to really discuss issues with unreceptive people.

2nd Place goes to Nathan Moulton, who gave away over 500 DVDs in the making and also had the wherewithal to infiltrate Halliburton and a Freemason Lodge with truth.


drop in a bucket ?

The guy in the red shirts says that 5000 babies are aborted every day so 3000 people on 911 is a drop in a bucket. He is not interested in in the buildings either.

Aborted babies are a choice of the mothers.

Are the 911-victims anyone's choice ? (well, WE know it WAS but the red shirt fellow does not so his remark is stupid)

sadly Fred, thats the 35% or

sadly Fred, thats the 35% or so that will NEVER be reached. even when the 9/11 trials kick off and Cheney, Zakiem, Silverstein, Rumsfeld etc. are prosecuted before an international court(a guy can dream right?), they will still be living in their own little world, oblivious to most of whats going on around them(sometimes i think if the media actually started doing its job it almost wouldnt matter at this point, people have been so conditioned). some are religious zealouts like the guy talking about abortion and some are just irrational and even when faced with proof cant see treason for treason. when somebody pulls that kind of shit on me i just move on, i know when to quit and when somebody is unreachable. same with the super-patriot types, the kind that only argue in slogans and talking points like the guy who confronted Cindy Sheehan recently. they probably piss me off more than the religious nutbags do.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA