Spreading The Word Of Truth Via The Main Stream Media


This goes along with what an intelligent patriot said on this site about the education of the police on tyranny (dated 07/12/2007 “Want to Win this Information War Fast? Here Is How!!!). Thanks to “LUCUS” for his post which got me brainstorming. This idea, may not be new but here it goes…Some people listen to police scanners, reporters do…..when there is a news story which has television coverage “truthers” with hats, shirts, posters, should get into the shots, even if it is only for a second at a time. If we can flood the news reports with truth seekers in the background either “they”, the editors will not use the story, or they will run the story…with editing of course. If we can get into enough shots, the message will get out to the population whose only source of information is the newspapers, and news channels on TV. If we can get into enough shots, either we will stop the news altogether or they might run it and show us in the background. Just a thought, not sure how plausible it is.

Excellent Idea This is an

Excellent Idea

This is an information war after all - Those that control the information control your perception, those that control your perception control your reality.


Links produced by searching google "police scanners live"

How about getting into the shots

with celebrities?

Why was my post censored? Is

Why was my post censored? Is supporting a blog by giving links to streaming audio of police scanners in appropriate? I am very confused.

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