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Blowing the Vaults

By Dave Dionisi

From the article:

The New York Times revealed in November 2001 that Building 7 was the location for a secret CIA office and Sensitive Compartmentalized Intelligence Facility (SCIF). SCIFs are where the most sensitive intelligence information is stored. These facilities are routinely swept for electronic listening devices. They may even have bullet proof windows, air filtration, and independent water supply. Operatives would routinely meet following a classified operation in a SCIF to debrief and identify loose ends to maintain program integrity. Explosives, designed to burn classified documents and equipment, are available if the facility is compromised.
Logic dictates the CIA building was destroyed for a reason. Fire alone cannot result in an all steel building falling at free-fall speed into its footprint. In a clear sign of a coverup, the 567-page 9/11 Commission Report does not explain why Building 7 collapsed. Page 305 does state some people remained in a bunker to "continue conducting operations, even though all civilians had been evacuated from 7 WTC." Is it possible, like the experience of Japans' vault engineers, CIA agents were killed from an intentional SCIF explosion which created the Building 7 fire and subsequent decision to pull the entire building? Such a question would appear beyond what is possible if it were not for declassified Top Secret documents like Operation Northwoods that reveal Americans can be targeted by their own government. Given what we already know about Vice President Dick Cheney, it is not hard to imagine his crimes could be on par with General Yamashita Tomoyuki.
We do know some of what happened at Building 7 because the lease-holder, Larry Silverstein, gave an interview on PBS and admitted Building 7 was pulled and collapsed. James Risen of the New York Times revealed special CIA teams were dispatched immediately after the 9/11 attack. Whether the special teams recovered agents that were killed or secured materials is classified. We are left wondering if what happened at Building 7 is related to why the Bush administration resisted the formation of the 9/11 Commission for 441 days.
Someday, under a different administration, a new 9/11 investigation will likely be commissioned. I will offer two questions to help determine if the crimes of the Bush administration far exceed those already visible. The first is "How many and who were the US intelligence agents killed on 9/11?" This inquiry may uncover teams with black-bag demolition backgrounds. The second question is, "Who were the people that elected not to collect millions of dollars in put trades and do they have connections to the CIA?" A put is a securities order when a stock price is expected to drop. The answer to this question may reveal that the put trades were an attempt to grow the CIA's unaudited slush fund.
In the last few years Congress has been asking many questions that the Bush administration refuses to answer. Their questions and the ones raised by millions of Americans should be answered. A democracy, to function successfully, needs transparency. If it is opaque, its citizens cannot participate intelligently, and their votes become irrelevant. History teaches us that secrecy and money are an explosive combination and nations do sometimes manufacture excuses of protecting their citizens to rape them.

By Dave

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I've seen footage of Feds with people at Ground Zero on 9/11 but I have to look for the link.

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