Jones & Deagle on Collecting Evidence & establishing a 'Chain of Custody' in the Event of Another 9/11

"I encourage you to post this video since it addresses a very important point regarding a possible 9/11-like event in the future, and what we can do about it. It is something that I've talked about and hope to get agreement among ALL seekers of truth and justice. We need to be aware and prepared."
- Steven E. Jones - July 19, 2007.

Recorded at the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, June 24th, 2007, by Soul Tree Digital entertainment. Segment posted with permission.

Special thanks to Darren for the DVD, and Curtis for this excellent idea.

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Great idea...

Another suggestion: take as many photos as you can, especially close up shots of those who appear to be in a position of authority.

The next 911

Another smoking gun on Cheney. Jason Leopold tells how Cheney conspired to subvert evidence of the energy manipulation in California in 2000-2001. He interviewed FERC people who know that the FERC investiagation was aborted. He has a transcript of a tape recording of the Williams/AES conspirators agreeing to keep electricity unavailable. Tremendous article. The rat is being pushed further back in the corner ... making the next 911 more imminent.

Remember ..on 9-10-01 Rumsfeld announces $2.3 TRILLION missing from the Pentagon and then 9-11 wipes it off the font pages of newspapers, off the television "news," and out of the collective memory of all Americans.

This collection of evidence and chain of custody is very important. But, you just have to know there will be a FEMA exercise the day before and they'll surround the attack site to keep truthers away. This info needs to get to the police, and especially fire personnel and EMT personnel. They need to do "double collection" - one for official "investigators" and one for truthers.

I agree...

the next attack is fast approaching because they are being pushed into a corner and they need to create chaos. However, mistakes will be made, just like on 9/11. It may not be a bad idea for all of us to keep some written contact records (phone numbers, addresses) in case we have "internet issues".

Land line telephone #s.

Not cell #s. Land line numbers.

Gotta dig up land lines.

Keep a VCR tape on standby

First broadcasts over the airwaves are often not repeated.
Have a fresh, new one ready. First announcers are often unscripted, too.
Like Dan Rather..."uh, it looks like what they do when they intentionally bring a building down."
Or, "How did the FBI show up so fast?"


Keep the TiVO nice and empty... let's get them this time.

Analog VHS or Beta would perhaps be less likely to digital manipulation, at least for proof purposes.

Keep an eye out for "Harley Guys".