An Open Letter to Abraham H. Foxman, in Defense of Rep. Keith Ellison

Dear Mr. Foxman,

Regarding your statement about Rep. Keith Ellison, I must say that it is mostly wrongheaded, and probably fueled by a desire to "catch the wave" of publicity generated by the dissemination of Ellison's remarks.

To begin with, when you say that Ellison's remarks regarding the Reichstag Fire and the events of 9/11 are outrageous and offensive to all Americans, you're way off base.

In fact, scientific polls of American residents, (if not all of them citizens), show a deep skepticism regarding the events of 9/11. This is only logical following the fraudulent entry into Iraq, the whitewash known as the "Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States", the outing of CIA agents detailed to track WMDs, the purging of lawyers disloyal to the regime, rampant election fraud, the dismemberment of the Constitution, and the cold-blooded murder of the Bill of Rights. (And you do remember habeas corpus, don't you?)

The presence of Americans in Iraq has absolutely nothing to do with the "War on Terror". "Good Germans" like present "Good Americans" loyally marched to the call of their leader. As loyal German soldiers sat in the freezing cold around Stalingrad, I'm sure that they were wondering just what they hell they were there for. As loyal American soldiers watch highly paid mercenaries act with impunity in the streets and alleys of Baghdad, I'm sure some of them wonder the exact same thing.

According to reporting by Seymour Hersh, covert operations undertaken by this administration are fueling "al Qaeda linked groups". How duplicitous is that? Now, Americans not only have to fight the war on terror, they have to fund it, both sides!

I have a pretty good understanding of what the Nazis were up to in WWII, and it is not outrageous to compare the tens of thousands of deaths of Iraqi citizens after an illegal invasion, and the beginning stages of the wholesale slaughter of millions by Nazi Germany and her Axis allies, which included European Jewry, any Slavs that stood their ground, Poles, Russians, and on and on...

May I recommend that you pick up a copy of the book "9/11 and American Empire Vol. II: Christians, Jews & Muslims Speak Out" so that you can get up to speed with 9/11 skepticism, and not sound so ridiculous.

(emailed to the ADL, 7/18/2007)

Nice letter but I think you

Nice letter but I think you should adjust some of your numbers.

"the tens of thousands of deaths of Iraqi citizens after an illegal invasion"

The post-invasion avoidable mortality (excess mortality) in the Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories now totals 1.9 MILLION (from the latest UN Population Division data [1-3]).

These deaths are directly attributable to the invasion of both countries.

If we include the avoidable deaths by sanction we approach 2.5 million.

This is a holocaust in progress, and should be labeled as such. Foxman is aware of this, he just doesn’t care.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

I just noticed that article

I just noticed that article is from 2005, so the number current numbers would be even higher.

The most recent estimate for just Iraq is about a million.

Couldn’t find one for Afghanistan.

Presumably this only accounts for violent deaths? According to the previous piece:

"Such "liberal" mainstream media resolutely ignore the palpable realities that whether a person in an OCCUPIED COUNTRY dies VIOLENTLY or dies NON-VIOLENTLY (through deprivation and avoidable or treatable disease) the end result is the same and that the occupying Ruler is responsible for the Ruled (as set out in the Geneva Conventions).

“The Coalition and mainstream media definition of "terrorism" ignores the palpable reality of horrendous UK-US state terrorism that has so far been associated with an horrendous avoidable mortality in the post-invasion Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories totalling 1.9 million. The horrendous death toll in Occupied Iraq and Afghanistan largely arises from non-provision of life-sustaining requisites by the Coalition occupiers in utter dereliction of the Geneva Conventions and hence constitutes "passive genocide". The mainstream media have become complicit in the horrendous passive genocide in the Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories, utterly ignore UK-US state terrorism and indeed have also largely ignored both "state" and "non-state" terrorism that is perceived to be in the interests of the Anglo-American alliance.

The ACTUAL terror of those subject to "state terrorism" or to "non-state "terrorism" is related to their "perception of avoidable death" for themselves or their loved ones i.e. to the "perceived probability of avoidable death". While it is experimentally difficult to assess human perceptions of "terror", we can readily determine the "empirical probability of avoidable death" by considering the actual numbers of people who have died avoidably from a particular cause over a particular time period [5]. The following statistics provide a further dramatic demonstration of the Big Lie of the mainstream media over the "War on Terror"."

Either way, even the conversative estimate of 975,000 for Iraq would put the combined Iraq-Afghan deaths resulting from the "war on terror" at over a million, which is a far cry from "tens of thousands".

The Eleventh Day of Every Month