9/11 Bookmarks

It's pretty easy these days to make 9/11 slogan "bookmarks" with your computer, printer, and/or perhaps a photocopier. These can then be placed in books and magazines in stores, your public library, among and in other places and items. (pick more popular items, as well as others, including "fringe" items, depending on whom you want to reach)

Good idea

....Easy, cheap and you could reach a lot of people.....

DVD inserts explaining the DVD's topic also really help to insure the DVD gets watched....the bookmark is an equally great idea....maybe have something like "Google Building 7" (or whatever you like) in bold on one side and then a more detailed explanation of why a person should investigate 9/11.

You could print 4-5 double sided bookmarks to a page.

9/11 Truth is the Real Peace Movement