Ask the Democratic Presidential Candidates about 9/11 via YouTube

YouTube and CNN are co-sponsoring a presidential debate that invitesYouTube users to submit video questions to the candidates. (see this story). This has been covered by the Washington Post and other mainstream media.

Check out the the current, lame video questions about 9/11 [update: some good ones have been posted in response to this story]. Then make your own hard-hitting video, and post it at Community Counts.

Let's coordinate the 9/11 truth movement so that a REAL question about 9/11 gets voted up and actually gets asked to the Democratic presidential candidates.

Thanks to Fred and After Downing Street for the heads up.

Vote for this one!

Can Someone Film Bob McIlvaine Asking Question?

Can Someone Film Bob McIlvaine Asking Question?



Anyone Know..

Anyone know the deadline for submitting questions to this debate? We ought to at least make a representation on it, even if they decide to leave all 9/11 related questions out. Great call GW.

We will get this country back.