Conservative Wakes Up to 9/11 Lies

Excellent,lucid summary of the issues

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Great, another one on our side! I wonder how long they will allow his post to stay up on you-tube since they took off the "9/11 was an inside job" banner at the earth concert.


I don't mean to be unhelpfully sceptical, and I hope I'm wrong, but this presentation has that infomercial feel to me. And with the center stage gun and the flag in front of the tarp it's reminiscent of an "Al Qaeda" type video -- making it easy to subliminally peg the Truth Movement as fanatical violent rebels. He doesn't offer anything new: just recaps themes that have become commonly associated with "Truthers" in a gun video context. My apologies to the man if he's genuine; in which case I hope his near-hatred of liberals can be further reduced as everyone works together. It's certainly always heartening to see people waking up and urging (peaceful) action, whoever they are -- so thanks for posting it, anyway.


He admits he has been

He admits he has been conditioned - he is only 3 weeks awake - I'd say his expression is VERY positive and shows that he is asserting his rights and stating them bluntly.

He's not advocating violence at all and states he loves America. I don't see the connection to an "Al Qaeda" type video at all. If a man stands up and speaks plainly, it should be, imho, applauded.

You may be right --

in which case the imagery seems unfortunate. Not so much what he says, just the subliminal likeness of the video to so many of the videos people are fed supposed to be made by "terrorists" we are "fighting in the War on Terror": defiant men staring rather tin-eyed at a camera with weapons and an ideological symbol behind them. Fox could do wonders with a clip from this. Imagery, of course can be more powerful than information. Whether or not people think it out loud, "Truthers" would be unconsciously cached with "the terrorists".

Again, hope I'm wrong. There are so many good signs right now for growing Truth awareness crossing boundaries and uniting previously divided people: I hope this is one.

You may be right, just

You may be right, just looked at the links on the side - the links to freedomtofacism and infowars prisonplanet are not links - but the others are. I don't know what that means exactly but it is there.

Awesome video!

Awesome video!

Welcome to the new paradigm.

WOW. again.
This is a great week for Truth.
That's the second time I have had the same reaction in 2 days. (first was "wearechange" confronting McCain.
It's undeniable that we (the Truth Movement) have turned the corner. Every thing this guy said makes sense. Especially the part about the guns.
Being Canadian I grew up believing guns were bad but in the past year or so I have come to realize what a stroke of prescient genius the second amendment turned out to be. This guy brought tears to my eyes when he admitted we need to lock arms with people we are conditioned to hate, for the bigger cause.
Judging by San Diego Truth group, "wearechange" and this guy I would say the future is in good hands and hope is not lost.
Welcome to the new paradigm in which left/right is redundant and Truth is paramount.
Vive le Truth.

Too tight...

Too good, too concise, too many hot points covered too smoothly.

Don't get me wrong. I agree with every point. But this video reeks of professional production and is utterly unconvincing in its intended role of a genuine citizen's explication of his position.

If they'd left out the gun stuff [and national IDs, etc], it would have been a lot more convincing.

911 WAS an inside job, but these guys [whoever they are] aren't the people to sell the truth to the uninitiated.



If this is what gets thru

to people in right-wing side of the false paradigm, then so be it.

One problem I have is he argues freefall, then at the end he says he believes terrists did it - basically saying LIHOP.
Sorry, you cant have it both ways.

Then again if he is newly awake, it would make sense that he is lihop. I guess he'll eventually come round and realize that lihop never makes sense, you either believe and support the OCT - or its MIHOP, no logic supports a middle ground.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB