FOX's Alan Colmes Confronted on New York Streets-AGAIN and reporters confronted Alan Colmes on the streets of New York for his role in furthering the propaganda model of government and propping up the establishment's big lie--September 11.

Colmes had no intention of replying to his critics, but tried to walk away from them, though it took several minutes to get away. Deepdown, Colmes knows that the fraud he belongs to is unravelling and his time will come.

wow, that guy Manny at the

wow, that guy Manny at the end is powerful. its so great to see more family members come forward and demand truth, i havent seen him before. and Colmes is a bastard, nice job confronting that scumbag, he deserved it.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Absolutly love it.....

Run you bastard,run. Nice work, I'm not sure if I would be as nice to him.......lololol.


We Are Change keeps getting better and better. Especially with the editing of your videos. Nice graphics and such. You guys are truly an inspiration! Keep up the good work!!!!


You guys git me wound up more than usual. After your last vid I dropped in on my local fire dept in the area... They say they can't take any material "dvds" i had. But one fireman told me the bar he and the others frequent and said it would be ok to approach them there. I did show the one fireman bld 7 falling from my cell phone. He did not what to think.
Keep it up guys and gals.. Colmes is dogshit.

Keep them running !

day after day !

Ed Schultz is prepared to give air time on Air America

Just finished listening to the Ed Schultz show. Somebody from San Francisco Truth called in and started giving him a 911 Truth Message. Ed listened but the final outcome was that he wanted a fire fighter from New York to call in and give him testimony about what happened that day and whether there have been threats from higher ups to not speak out. As you know, Ed is a believer in the official conspiracy theory. He doesn't think that America could do it to itself. He has opened the door, he promised air time. Can a fire fighter or other emergency services person come forward?

Here is the details of his show:

Seems like a good opportunity to shed some Truth on one of the leading left gate keepers.

Ed Schultz

Anyone listen to that caller from San Fransisco 9/11 Truth today? Ed was kind of in denial, but was asking for first responders to come forward. He believes there were none, and that's why no one's talking. He then went on and was asking for anyone else who was there and heard bombs. Has he done that before? Is it naive to think that if people come forward, he'll give them some airtime? That segment should be on the blogger and we should get the word out ASAP. Willie Rodriguez immediately comes to mind.

I sent Alan Colmes an e-mail about 911

a few months ago and told him I was a 50 year old mechanical engineer and how I realized that it was an inside job early last year. I told him I had written a paper on it and attached a copy of the paper "The Sustainability of the Controlled Demolition Hypothesis for the Destruction of the Twin Towers", which is published on the Journal of 911 Studies. I did it just to be sure he had the information and there would be no excuse.

We do need to be sure people like Alan Colmes have had a chance to see the alternative information before accusing them of being whores. I do have to believe that Alan Colmes has seen the alternative information. At the very least you can be sure he got my paper, which has links to Steven Jones' first paper on the WTC and the NIST report.

I think you guys who are out there confronting these people are doing a spectacular job. I hope more people join you. Keep up the good work.

I just wanted to add a note that the very least these media types could do, since they obviously can't come out and say "911 was an inside job" especially at FOX, is to use their public face to push for alternative energies. Instead of continuing to just pursue oil all over the globe, the U.S. should have had major research and development programs for alternative energies for the last 35 years. If Brazil was able to do it why couldn't we. If that had been the policy there would have been no pressure to deceive the people into supporting resource wars.


That's just wonderful. It's like Sam Adams getting the guys from the Boston docks to lecture the Brits in 1775. These guys are absolutely famulous. They were chasing the devil himself. Colmes is a well paid stooge with concubine in tow.

That was beautiful, just

That was beautiful, just beautiful. Colmes know what the true deal is, just don't count on him to ever state it on the air. You see, that would be the actions of a real journalist, and Colmes is not in that category, he is a mainstream news media talking head. He is not one of those hard hitting news media types like..............oh, I forgot, there are no hard hitting types in the mainstream news media, just shills and whores who follow their masters orders. The truth is out, and they can all just go F)*k themselves anyway. They are all about as useful as tits on a brass bull, and they will continue to lose their audiences as the internet steals them away. Laughing stocks, one and all. Great work! Keep hitting them and hitting them hard. It would be great to see Oliver Stone grilled in this manner. Maybe he can still be saved afterall.

How does it feal to live in fear? You yellow MSM media whore?

You are making me get teary eyed again, thanks I really love you guys!!

Together united we can not be defeated!

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!

colmes the coward

running like the little bitch fox pays him to be

"Why are you photographing me?"

That's a priceless line coming from a faux journalist at a parasitic propaganda outlet.


You guys are super patriots. Your work inspires me to do my own! Keep up the fantastic, gutsy questioning and hounding.