How the "Inside Job" Banners Work: A Response to J.S.'s Good Questions & Suggestions


On Jul 19, 2007, at 9:06 PM, Jed S wrote:


I saw the post at 911Blogger about your banner campaign. I'm personally thinking that it's better to have a major 911 website in the large lettering... I would make a banner (2 lines of text) saying "demand" using a pair of colors for the letters so one color reads "demand 911 truth" or "demand truth" while the web URL is the 2nd message in the banner - using color to create a quasi-subliminal dual message. If you have demand truth in black and 911 .org in red it would look very sharp. I've done this with signs I've made and it gets people's attention. I have one sign that reads either "Corporate media = mass mind control" or "Corporate mass media = mind control" depending on which way you read it.

Anyway, what quality/durability do those roll banners have?

Jed S.


I think your idea is excellent. I'm forwarding this to Janice at and Alan Miller at
(Another good dual-message banner would be with question911 in one color and the rest in the other.)

The "Inside Job?" banner campaign aims primarily at deterring the next 9/11 -- or bringing the truth into the streets if deterrence fails. By simply having these banners in their closet, your average 9/11-aware person will feel compelled to take it into the streets if 9112B happens. The existence of these banners in the hands of 9/11 truthers will guarantee that we'll hit the streets if there's a 9112B. Without the banners, a lot of people might just stay home staring miserably at the TV psy-op. (I'm working on a set of instructions about how to use the banners...)

Also, "Inside Job?" banners can be used to take the 9/11 truth message to the public NOW. 100 years of advertising research has proven that extremely simple, almost subliminal messages work best--and that they need to offer a slogan that the target audience can identify with and embrace/echo as its own words. Our target audience, the unconverted, cannot yet identify with the slogan "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB." That's too specific and too assertive. But they DO have questions. "Inside job?" is the perfect slogan to spread the message to the majority who don't yet THINK it was an inside job, but don't believe the government either. The phrase will echo around in their minds, and eventually the question mark will fall off.


PS The plastic banners are not as durable as vinyl, which is why they're cheap. It should be possible to make them more or less permanent by using spray-glue and a squeegee to apply them to a backing material--art supply stores sell various kinds of cardboard and other backing materials. When I get the first shipment August 2nd I'll start experimenting.

i think its a great idea. i

i think its a great idea. i always promote and more than any other websites already anyway.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Is there a way to order sticker rolls?

I would be interested in rolls of stickers (small, maybe half-dollar sized) that could be torn off and easily placed, worn on lapels or given out. Is there such a thing available now? Where?

I would love to carry a roll all the time and place stickers like breadcrumbs everywhere I went!