TruthMove Updated Site + We Need Your Help!

We've just updated our site over at and we're also making an appeal for people who want to join up to do activism in NYC or who might be able to contribute a couple bucks to the cause.

By the way, TruthMove is completely self-funded and designed. We are just a handful of dedicated activists in NYC and Washington DC. Please check out our Donate Page for more information. You can also join our new Mailing List and Forum.

TruthMove has always aimed to be a responsible and professional organization promoting 9/11 truth and progressive values. Recently, a clearer distinction has been developing in the movement between the Left/Right and the Libertarian/Progressive. We hope that we can all unite for the cause of truth, justice, and equality, but we make no apologies for our progressive perspective.

Our Forum has become a great place for mature and critical discussion of Truth Movement issues. Check out some of the latest threads:

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Thanks for your time!

great site

I've watched your site evolve from the beginning, and I think it's one of the best out there. Great job on that and all of your activism in NYC. I tried to make a donation, but for some reason I couldn't. I don't know what it is, but I've had problems trying to make donations through PayPal to other things too.

The answer to 1984 is 1776!
(Gold, Oil, and Drugs) started out as small site devoted to 9/11, but

it has now cunningly diluted itself into progressive issues, environmental issues, promoting the Peak Oil & Global Warming distraction/misinformation theories, insisting that AA-77 slammed into the Pentagon despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, bashing aggressive truthers like Alex Jones, etc.

I believe that TruthMove has lots of subtle disinfo carefully embedded into it, and its real goal (or the goal of certain members) may be to slowly hinder & sabotage 9/11 truth.


>>now cunningly diluted itself

Interesting that such comments pass through the filter . . .

More interesting is that often, those who are sure a plane didn't hit the Pentagon often believe others to be doing things like "intentionally diluting" their own website . . . as though people didn't have their own personal interests. I find it refreshing to have a break from Ron Paul.

Speaking of truth...

TruthMove did not start out as a small site devoted to 9/11. Our content pages have been the same, with some additions, since launch, and cover a wide array of concerns, including environmental issues. Our Flight 77 page states that, "evidence supports the impact of an aircraft," and not that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. Although we tend to steer clear of that 'dry well' as Alex Jones called it. We don't 'bash' Alex Jones, but are critical of his political ideology. We appreciate that he is a vital part of the movement, and have found much of his contribution to be beneficial. However, we feel that the Libertarian movement has limited appeal on a large scale, and find on the street that a more apolitical or global approach is most affective at reaching the most people.

That last line of your post could also do with some fact checking. We are just a very few people, who have all worked with others in the movement for some time, and have never tried to hide ourselves, taking pictures and video of ourselves on the street. We are entirely open to comment and critique, but get very few thoughtful critical messages other than these pot shots on outside forums. And we have been very specifically focused on disinformation in the movement. Just calling it like we see it. Our forum is really candid, and not at all PC by movement standards.

The Truth Movement must include the truth of the movement. People's political ideology is a very real thing that has a significant impact on their strategy in promoting 9/11 truth. And this is not negative so long as these people are open about it. I'm all for Libertarians for 9/11 Truth (if I could figure it out). Go! Go! Go! But as Libertarians are only a small percentage of the population, it is essential that there are groups that appeal to a wider audience.

And TruthMove has found on the street that we are able to interface with just about anyone who is willing to talk as we promote a wide range of essential facts that touch nearly everyone in some way. If you happen to be Libertarian, or an Objectivist, and you honestly think that humans aren't destroying our biosphere, or that we should be free to do so, then we stand at odds. But most people we meet don't find that our various concerns fall that far from one another.

The Truth Movement (not the 9/11 truth movement) is founded on the premise that all progressive and even some traditional movements share a common commitment to informed consent, requiring honest history, public oversight, independent media, and programs for public education. And as these things are under attack from mainstream sources, we share a common concern for sustaining our rights. So that's something that people all over the world really care about, regardless of their unique political ideology. And its also the apolitical foundation of TruthMove.

We here each have our own ideological values and priorities. But we do a pretty good job of keeping each other in check when it comes to our official position on things. And we are all relatively good at objectifying our own position in the interest of taking a wider view. Reasonable critique has lead to many changes on our site.

Our commitment to promoting 9/11 truth is quite explicit. Stating that we are trying to sabotage the movement without being specific is unfair and irresponsible.

Hey everyone! Informed consent! We're all about it, and so are you! Something we can all agree on!?!

International Truth Movement