Undercover CIA bloggers

I wonder how many undercover CIA agents work on blogging sites involving 9/11 truth?

I know there are plenty -

I know there are plenty - and not just CIA but of all types in the intel community - especially the disabled / aging variety. They monitor everything of interest. Used to play cards on mplayer with one way back in the mid 90's, he has since died of cancer, but my point is, thats what they do when they are no longer "useful" in the field.

there are cia bloggers for

there are cia bloggers for truth. there are cia bloggers trying to distort the truth. there are cia bloggers doing both. there are cia bloggers that don't know what to do. in the end, most signed up for the cia for patriotic reasons. it is this reason that will ultimately tilt most of the cia towards American Justice. there are already sabotages occurring in the cia. the lid has been blown off. we need to up the pressure for truth as we are in the stage of a botched cover-up. next stage we can get our hands on the low-life anti-Americans who ordered the death of so many citizens and civil servants. here's the good part, smart money says many will have justice served outside of the court system - ouch!

There is a flaw in most blogs (including this one):

Any disinfo agent with ample time and fast equipment can easily become a "majority of one," simply by registering as any number of identities he needs in order to vote any blog or comment he wants either up or down. If a REAL majority of people vote a comment up to 6 points, for instance, the watchful disinfo agent uses his 12 identities to vote it down to -6 points. Or vice versa. Naturally he takes care to not be obvious, and to not arouse suspicion by inordinate numbers of votes.

He can also post a divisive or extremist or violent, etc. article and then vote it up to 10 points, and vote down to -10 points any comments that attempt to criticize, question, expose him.

I feel sure that this is going on here and at some of the other sites I visit.

This of course is not limited to paid or volunteer disinfo agents, and is used by people who for one reason or another simply want to "beat the system" and falsely impose their opinion on others.

Is there some feasible way to prevent this here? If so I would like to see it tried out as an experiment.

LETTING DISINFO AGENTS HAVE THEIR WAY WITH 9/11 TRUTH BLOGS, by making us out to be querelous, extremist, violent, racist, etc. or just plain dingbats -- is one of their most powerful weapons against 9/11 truth. Disinformation is a technique old as the hills. It is still around because it is so economical and effective.

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E-voting ?

It sounds like you take e-voting serious ?
You are right, somebody could do that ( and probably does) .
Does it matter ? Think not, only DieBold stock-owners take e-voting serious .
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Unfortunately Tens of Millions DO take e-voting seriously!

I wish I could agree with you! But I know from experience that many people especially newbies) DO take it seriously, and that many people judge sites like this by the quality of the comments, who gets voted up, who gets voted down, etc. Also, the screwloosechange type sites regularly use planted (or naturally occuring) comments of a violent, racist, or dingbat persuasion on 9/11 truth sites, in their stupid but often effective attempts to discredit us.

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Most go for quality information content not ratings

I have to agree with you epochthree on your comment "many people judge sites lik this by the quality of the comments" because MOST people rate a site on the quality of the information content.

I could name some names,

but then I would be labeled a "conspiracy theorist" (;

I don't think we need to worry about that sort of thing

So I barely give it a second thought.

Let them play their little "spy games". They always have and they always will. "9/11 Truth" is no different in that respect.


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The point is not to worry, but to be aware and proactive

I think most would agree with you that we don't "need to worry about that sort of thing," nor let it deter nor discourage nor slow us up.

The point would be: (1) to BE AWARE OF IT AND MAKE NEWBIES AWARE OF IT, ETC; and, (2) to apply any feasible technological fixes that might lessen the effectiveness of "their little 'spy games.'" I would, for instance, add to the disclaimer at the top something to the effect that "double-dipping" voter fraud is not allowed, and that site administrators are screening for it and will expose it when found, and so on.

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On Monday

I resigned from Homeland Security and Training for reasons that I will write about someday soon enough (it is a very interesting story, if I do say so myself).

So, in answer to your question, or rather simply to your point, you always had one guy who worked for the government (and who worked for a brief time at WTC 5 in 2000) who nevertheless was always, and will always be, a 9/11 truther (and more specifically, a very committed 9/11 truth activist).

But ours was a state agency, not federal. Not "Department of Homeland Security" which was always strange to me as we have always been "Homeland Security" (with the same insignia and everything) for our area.

I always believed in Homeland Security (conceptually) -- but only in terms of the acceptance that 9/11 was an inside job and the need to do something about it. The people I worked with were nice, professional, and committed to their job. However, not to be rude, but to put it plainly they were clueless about 9/11 truth (as far as I could tell). I tried to fill them in but they just wouldn't respond (except for one or two); almost like I never handed them a DVD or sent them a link or gave them a book for at least one person's birthday. It's like 9/11 truth never came up, when it most certainly did, sometimes subtly, sometimes not. But the topic seemed like it was practically invisible to them.

And then the coffee shop through which I would distribute issues of Rock Creek Free Press stopped taking them . . . but that's part of the bigger story and it will have to wait.

I probably won't be posting that often here for awhile like I always did daily as I don't have easy access to the Internet right now. I will try my best though. But I promise you'll hear from me eventually.

In the meantime, I've got to find a new job . . .

Eloy Gonzalez II . . . known here as Mekt_Ranzz

damn man, i look forward to

damn man, i look forward to hearing specifics. sounds very interesting.

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Hey Elroy

I appreciate the time that you took to post so many articles here during your tenure with your state's Homeland Security and Training. I hope that you obtain net access soon.

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