Port Authority deny pre-9/11 "power down"

Call for FOI requests as NY Port Authority deny pre-9/11 'power down'

by Scott Forbes
Friday Jul 20th, 2007 7:08 AM

British IT engineer Scott Forbes was working in New York's World Trade Center in September 2001 and lost 89 of his work colleagues in the 9/11 attacks. This is a 25 minute mp3 interview with him for free dissemination... ..

Listen here to his eyewitness account of the security systems power down and mysterious 'cabling' contractors working in the south tower the weekend immediately prior to the attacks.

Scott Forbes demands disclosure of documents authorising the power down and details of who the contractors were.

From his nearby flat, on his day off, Scott witnessed the second plane strike the tower just below offices where his colleagues were working.

The 9/11 Commission were not interested that the WTC security cameras and other security systems were paralysed between 12 noon on Saturday 8th and 2pm on Sunday 9th September 2001.

The New York Port Authority now deny that there was any power outage. It has now become a mission for Scott to get an explanation.

Scott is appealing to anyone and everyone, in New York particularly, to file freedom of information requests with the Port Authority for disclosure of the documents authorising the power down and details of who the contractors were.

Scott was interviewed on Wednesday 18th July 2007 at Charing Cross in London by Tony Gosling and Fran Scott... for the people....
Duration 26m 42s

Previous interview on Google Video has been removed without explanation.
9/11 Truth: Scott Forbes describes power-downs in WTC

Please copy this mp3 and circulate widely. Thanks and respect to Fran and to Scott.

While I support most FOIA

While I support most FOIA requests, Scott Forbes has not had anyone -- that I am aware of, even one person -- come forth and corroborate his allegations. It's disconcerting because the earliest promotions of Forbes were mainly from WINGTV and Nico Haupt about 3 years ago. He apparently does not yet have any other person to come forth and put their name to the same allegations.

UNLIKELY: 'The South Tower Was Powered Down Before the Attack'

William Rodriguez

He talks about the powerdown on 9-11 Mysteries.


I wasn't aware of this. I thought Forbes was legit.

This needs to be resolved...

I'm sure I have heard others mentioning the "power downs" in the towers...

i.e. This guy who said he worked on the 97th floor of WTC2...


You also had Ben Fountain reporting some strange goings on...


I'm not sure how the FOIA process works, but I believe that we need to ask for...

ALL WTC maintenance records / invoices / schedules for the preceding six weeks before 9/11

Please make this an ACTION issue 911Blogger, cos we really need to know either way !!!

Many thanks and best wishes

myth vs science

The problem is that the research isn't done to make any connections, if there are any. You would think that if Scott Forbes could make the time to do all these interviews, he could contact one or two coworkers to back him up on his claims, or could find any tiny bit of evidence besides his own memory.

There were indeed a lot of strange things. The survivor I've talked to a number of times has reported a lot of bizarre things, like an FBI agent pulling someone in off the street from the dust and later telling them that they (the FBI) believed that anthrax may have been on the planes. She also reported that there were a lot of evacuations ahead of time - she could see them happening from her apartment.

But if we go around with only anecdotal evidence then we don't actually build a case, we create a myth that some people get excited about and professionals tend to reject as just that - hype.

Building a case takes work. GW did work by interviewing SForbes. There needs to be more work if the claim is to mean anything.

If the work isn't done to find and show the connections, then the idea remains as myth and will mainly generate more belief amongst people who believe other myths, but not support among those who work in serious professions which require science and strong evidence, rather than anecdote.

Agreed... I would expect Scott Forbes to obtain...

testimony from some of his co-workers to corroborate the New York Port Authority's (or Silverstein's) requested power downs (especially on 8/9 Sep)...

I have no doubt that the twin towers were brought down in a controlled demolition, therefore the devices must have been planted at some point.

That is why I suggested that the FOIA requests should go back at least six weeks (even though I believe they completed the placement close to 9/11).

I always remember the demolition of the two 400 foot storage tanks, only a few miles from the WTC on 15-Jul-2001, this could have been a time to over order RDX etc... So maybe go back as far as 01-Jul-2001 with the FOIA requests.

Even if Scott Forbes proves to be a red herring (I hope not), the fact still remains that many devices had to be planted, this included access to key portions of the towers, i.e. either side of the northwest corner in WTC1 (see below video).


I would also expect that similar "maintenance" activities were carried out in WTC7 in the preceding weeks too !!!

Best wishes

Power Down back up claim support.

Scott's shut his WTC computers down in an orderly fashion to avoid data loss .
Communicating networks have to have records of a massive action like that.
Impossible to cover that lot up!

Power down