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So, these guys are the Matt and Trey of their genre?

South Park by another brand?

Who will they mock next?

These guys are obviously a

These guys are obviously a parody of die hard unquestioning Republicans, or those who blinding obey Bush, that 25% who still exist. I think it's actually quite sophisticated humour, just like South Park wasn't pro 9/11 truth, but yet it was at the same time. There were quite a few metaphors in South Park, like why bother investigating 9/11 when we have to find out who took a crap in the urinal?

Anyway these guys have quite a few subscribers on YouTube; I think they are one of the top 5 in comedy. They have often hinted towards 9/11 Truth, check out their War on Neil Young videos, they mention Flight 93 and the pentagon etc in passing. I don't think they want to come out completely because they still think they will 'offend' lots of their viewers.

I’m not sure they are mocking 9/11 truth, at the end of the video, they say ‘it makes you think’.

i gotta respectfully

i gotta respectfully disagree man, i just saw the 9/11 South Park episode again the other night and was pretty much seething with anger. they use a lot of the same old tired defenses too, like the one where-"so many people would have had to have been involved, it was too intricate" and-"Bush is incompetent" and-"somebody would have talked" etc. i know i know, got free plugs for the whole show but i personally dont think its because Matt and Trey wanted to promote it. the whole tone of the episode felt pretty anti-9/11 truth to me. as far as these guys go, you may think that they are hinting toward 9/11 truth but the bulk of the people that watch their videos dont seem to think so. and i have to say, i dont either. the way the one guy makes the point at the end of the first video about how the whole reason 9/11 happened was because DHS didnt exist doesnt make me feel like they "get it". it kind of seemed like he was serious about that part. and the 9/11 truther was a dummy for christ sake, hahaha.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Yeah I agree they are

Yeah I agree they are blatantly making 9/11 truthers look like idiots.
But they do have a lot of 'dummies' on their show, including Neil Young, and George Bush in the past.

South Park, the BBC, and these guys are hit pieces, superficially. But the BBC was an insidious hit piece, a true work of evil, where as South Park and these two guys, I just can't put them in the same category as Hannity and Colmes and the BBC if you know what I mean. It's like, these guys and South Park are letting people know gently, planting a seed, a question, a doubt, anger (not only in the minds of the doubters but of the truthers too). That's why had so many hits after the South Park episode, people got annoyed and said 'OK OK let me have a look at what these idiot truthers' are saying.

I found out about 9/11 from E-BAY, I was looking at a newspaper of 9/11 for sale. I was annoyed because someone had described it "as evidence which everyone who doubts what really happened on 9/11 should own". And that was all, nothing about building 7, nothing about the pentagon, just that one sentence.

My immediate reaction was, what the hell is this E-bay guy talking about, why would anyone doubt the official story, the conspiracy theory is all about 'NO PLANES' and 'SPACE BEAMS' man that is just stupid, ok let me check it out to reconfirm that these people are NUTS, MOON BATS, and FRUIT LOOPS. etc etc.. The rest is history...

I don't know, yeah it's damaging to be portrayed as a dummy, and yeah I could look at it as a complete assault but something inside my mind tells me that there is more to this. Maybe I shouldn't have recently read Sigmund Freud's 'Jokes and their relation to the unconscious' and attempt to over analyze these things related to humour and the human psyche.



WTC 7 "Invisibility Cloak" !

...."it's still there!"......Ha!, that was funny.....why haven't "the Beamers" floated that one up yet? Not enough imagination?

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