9/11 – Fool me once...

9/11 – Fool me once...

Ian Brockwell
July 22, 2007

As George Bush tried to say some time ago “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. With a great deal of evidence suggesting that the American people were fooled over the 9/11 attack in 2001, and indications that a new attack (equally horrific) might be on the way, these words should be imprinted on our minds.

Many leading figures in the government (and military) have been hinting at such an event, and if we are to believe the signs, this could happen in just a matter of weeks.

If it does take place, when and where will it occur? In April of this year Dick Cheney said a 9/11 with terrorists using “a nuclear weapon in the middle of one of our own cities” was the greatest threat. But could this be an attempt to distract us from the real location, a carrier in the Persian Gulf, or a chance for him to say “I told you so” later?

There are numerous articles on the internet that suggest Bush and Cheney are planning a “staged” attack, so that they can introduce martial law. One story even goes so far as to say that there will be no election in 2008!

Whilst this all may sound incredible and the ultimate in “Conspiracy Theories”, is it really impossible? The Bush administration have introduced many new laws that would make it easier to carry out such a plan, most of which have been “sneaked in” without the people’s knowledge, and seemingly with the blessing of the Democrats.

With very little to choose between the Democrats and Republicans, who give the impression they are following the same agenda, the only person who stands out from the crowd is presidential candidate Ron Paul. The only worry is whether the United States (and perhaps the rest of the world) can hang on long enough for a leader of Paul’s caliber.

As talk of a new 9/11 continues to increase, so do the attempts to link Iran to al-Qaeda and Iraq, and the expectation that Iran will be implemented in any major “terrorist attack”. Just recently Fox News (who else?) reported that “U.S. troops detained two suspected weapons smugglers who may be linked to Iran’s elite Quds force”. Although they are “suspected” smugglers who “may” be linked to Iran, you wouldn’t think this from the headline they used “U.S: WEAPONS SMUGGLERS WITH IRAN LINKS NABBED IN IRAQ”

Even if you find it difficult to imagine Bush and Cheney staging some event for an excuse to attack Iran, or perhaps ripping up the Constitution shortly, you must ask yourself how a government has been allowed to create a situation that has installed so much fear into its people. You would think, with all the talk coming from the White House, that America is being attacked by terrorists every week. Yet in reality, there has been no attack on US soil since 9/11. Some may respond by saying that this is due to Bush’s “War on Terror”, but if he has been successful in stopping these “terrorists”, why are they now claiming that al-Qaeda is almost back to its pre 9/11 strength? And better still, how the hell do they know that?

It is the people’s choice on whether they believe the stories flying around the internet or not. Personally, I tend to believe in the old saying of “There’s no smoke without fire”.

Everybody should just get out and tell people

I decided today to just start telling people that 911 was an inside job by asking them "Have you heard about 911 being an inside job". When they say no I say "it is all over the Internet" and then mention that alot has been coming out about it the last several months". If they seem interested I tell them to Google "911 truth" or "911 was an inside job" and also tell them to watch 911 Mysteries on Google video.

I did it today to a gas station attendant and a convenience store clerk and both were very receptive.

I think it is a great way to

I think it is a great way to open the topic with strangers. I also tell them there is big news about Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth having conclusive evidence of controlled demolition of WTC 7. I always add, they don't know who did it, but they do know demolition charges were used. Then I say, we should Investigate.

This is a change of subject,

This is a change of subject, but appears to fit. Back 24 years -- before the internet -- there was a great crisis over the disappearance of a Korean Air Line 747 over Soviet air space north of Japan. Two-hundred and sixty-nine people disappeared. The Reagan administration quickly blamed it on a "cold-blooded" attack by Soviet pilots. The plane and bodies were never found, and the issue eventually went away after a brush with nuclear war. Frenchman Michel Brun, a pilot and former merchant seaman, took up the investigation on behalf of relatives of Japanese citizens lost. His book, "Incident at Sakhalin," (Four Walls, Eight Windows press) is the story of a remarkable investigation that lays open the evidence of the affair but without reaching a hypothesis regardling its causes. The research gets into the areas of military flights, radar tracking data, radio transmissions, basic physical evidence, supression of evidence, and, in retrospect, signs of manipulation of radar and voice transmissions. I recommend the book to those who are following the 911 issue. And I welcome any comments from those who have read it.

And yet another mystery...


"Unfortunately, the major media and the Congress are content to swallow the official line without question".

Is this where we will be 10 years from now on 9/11? A public and media content on swallowing the official story line?

There is a lot more energy behind seeking the truth of 911

and for that reason it may be somewhat more successful. If nothing else it will make the public aware that certain individuals within or in control of our own government are capable of such atrocities for their own interests and they will have to watch their P's and Q's a little more.

KAL 007


The Brun findings seem to eliminate the idea of Rep. McDonald being the target a Soviet assassination attempt as the plane apparently went down far south of their fighter range and the 747 cockpit was heard talking normally more than half an hour after the supposed shootdown off Sakhalin. The whole thing screams "coverup" of a major intelligence/provocation incident that could have led to war absent the responsible, albiet false, response of the Soviets to cover it up.

No way - 9/11 has disturbed

No way - 9/11 has disturbed to many sleeping people, and made them aware of the men behind the curtain. There is no way to contain it - and as time marches forward the truth spreads, not just about 9/11 but all the lies.

There will come a day when the "self appointed" elite of this world will be stripped of all of their power, and peace will reign.

A prominent U.S. Congressman was on that flight

As I am sure you are probably aware, but didn't get around to mentioning in your post, that a prominent U.S. Comgressman, Larry McDonald, a Georgia Democrat was on that flight. The aircraft was a 747 but the flight number was Korean Air Line 007. I have read some things that may be speculation about McDonald being set to launch some type of investigation but don't remember what it was. I don't want to jump overboard on that as taking down an entire airliner to get one person doesn't seem to be the usual pattern.

The bungler

That is about how I am going to remember W. Bush. Biggest fumbler of words that I have ever had the privilege to have seen on the illustrious TV screen.
The media must be complicit in the presentation of the slop to the hogs...


scheduled for August (exact schedule not available) in Oregon is looking very ominous - we're trying to mobilize to shut it down. Any assistance (letter writing, whatever) is greatly appreciated.


New Attack

We all better pay close attention when Bush hands over power to that coniving, lying, three faced, fascist DICK Chaney!!