Conyers: 3 More and I'll Impeach

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers has said that if three more Congress Members sign Kucinich's impeachment bill, he will start the impeachment proceedings. (The story was broken tonight by After Downing Street).
Remember, criminal proceedings against Bush, Cheney and others for 9/11 cannot start until they are out of office. Impeachment is the first step.

EVERYONE should call their congressional representatives (especially if yours' are not one of the signatories to Kucinich's impeachment bill) and DEMAND they co-sign. Click here to find your congress person.

This is great!! ...some things I heard re Conyers at PDA...

This is outstanding news, and I thought I should mention some corroborating evidence that Conyers is ready to go.

A fellow activist attended a Progressive Dems of America deal in San Diego this past week, and I have to defer to her words to do this justice. I shared this with the weekly anti-war/pro-impeachment march.

"John Conyers arrived with "minor rock star status" -- (or better!) at a reception sponsored by the Progressive Democrats of America.
He joined us just now in San Diego at the Holiday Inn for a reception. And there were goosebumps when he said on entering the standing room only crowd (filled with impeachment and other signs):

"What are we waiting for? Let's take these two guys out!", to huge cheers in the room!!

"He really said that - first thing as he came in the door here in San Diego and repeated it again later. He is mingling with us common people and will soon give a talk. I was so excited when I heard those words, I just had to share.

"Also, (a known blogger) was here and talked to Conyers in the presence of others about the disastrous Holt bill as well as impeachment issues. Conyers stated that he would be going for inherent contempt - he declared that as his intent. "

REVOLUTION is in the air!!

Oops...sourcing was off...

I thought my friend had shot down to San Diego for this, but got a note from her saying that it was a repost of something she had seen on Bradblog comments. Just wanted to clarify. This is an interesting addition to the Conyers needs 3 more reps to impeach, though, so fingers crossed!

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International tribunal would be far more trustworthy

I'd like to see some Rethuglicans get behind Conyers. I'm not holding my breath. I would just love to see some Repugs doling out some good ol' Chuck Norris-style American justice. A new 9/11 is NOT necessary...though it is very scary, even Hitler popped a cyanide and popped himself. There is just no way these criminal traitors can get way with the ultimate war crime of all time. If these people were killing everyone for oil for the true good of Amerika....the "ultimate patriots" so to speak...then they WOULD NOT be chairing the Carlyle Group, Halliburton, Globochem...etc... it is beyond the pale to believe these treasonous villains are up to any good at all. Conyers has been behind impeachment for a LONG time. However, an international tribunal is the only way forward.

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a New World Order — can emerge..." - George H.W. Bush, 9/11/91

Think we've got what it

Think we've got what it takes to make it happen? i've called my congressman. Call yours. Let's do this; and then do more, as we're called upon. All in the name of freedom. Nothing ever seen as asking for too much.

With love for my countrymen.


Conyers should be ashamed of

Conyers should be ashamed of himself. all that talk of "impeachable offenses" before the Dems took back the house and now he needs "3 more"? this is all a game as usual. they violate the constitution over and over and break numerous laws and Conyers still needs more signatures? i cant believe some people still fall for this shit. Conyers doesnt care about the Constitution or accountability, if he did they both would have been impeached by now. by all means though, vote me down for pointing out that the emperors have no clothes. im done falling for these political games though. Conyers lied to everyone, he already said he would impeach if he was in the position hes now in. hes not doing it. Pelosi told him to shut up about impeachment and he did just that.

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