German 9/11 Hip Hop

That was fabulous!

I hope every nation in the world puts out a video like this and plays it on their radio stations. The perps will really start feeling the heat then and just maybe the rest of the American people will understand and get off their butts.

There is one thing I sort of wish wasn't in it and that is the original Pearl Harbor. I certainly believe FDR knew that there was going to be an attack and that is why the carriers were out at sea. I certainly do not agree with what he did by letting all those sailors and soldiers be surprised with many of them killed as a result. However, WWII was different in that there were actual threats to this country that couldn't be dealt with other than by getting into the war.

I think the Gulf of Tonkin and Operation Northwoods references were right on target. The Vietnam War was totally unnecessary and any war on Cuba would have been unnecessary also, along with the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK, which I am sure were all products of the same group that did 911.

The new Pearl Harbor (911) would not have been happened if it weren't for the greed of the oil barons. The United States should have embarked on an Alternative energy program like Brazil did 35 years ago and we would have had it by now.

"Die Bandbreite" draws scorn of attack dogs

After the amazingly positive reception of their new video "911 - Selbst gemacht", the band has now been accused of anti-americanism and, incredibly, also anti-semitism - without even mentioning Israel et al.

The so-called "Arbeitskreis Dialoge" "Workgroup dialogues" chose to skip the dialogue entirely before delivering their grim verdict to the organizer of "Rap for Courage", a festival where "Die Bandbreite" is bound to perform. In response, their frontman, Wojna, has issued this statement:
Politblog "we will not be cowered into silence"

Videostatement youtube

"A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it."
G.K. Chesterton

Good Job!

Very nice, someone who knows how should dub that in english.


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I loved it Thank you !


Dies' ist supertoll!!

This is supercool!!

The love of truth and decency know no borders!

Die Liebe für Wahrheit und Anständigkeit kennt keine Grenzen!

Thomas, Denmark

My german boyfriend tells me

My german boyfriend tells me that the lyrics are VERY LEARNED.. history lessons, provocations to think .... simply brilliant

Where are the intelligent rappers in the anglo-american empire?


Immortal Technique, Paris

Immortal Technique, Paris etc. they all get ignored by our media of course. its not good business to rap about politics in this country.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Conscious Truth Music....

Roy Shivers - 9/11 Inside Job

Truth Told - Birth of the Prince of Terror
Website: ?

Truth Told - Final Call Before Armaggedon
Website: ?

Paris - What Would You Do?
Website: ?

Remo Concsious - We Know

Remo Conscious - Lies

Tell The Truth (Knocked Down The Towers?) - Immortal Technique, Mos Def, Jadakiss, Eminem

Truth Told - A Cold Day In Hell (can't find any videos)

Truth Jukebox with more music and commentary:

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The past 2-3 years of the 9/11 truth movement have shown that

the americans are unique in skills, learning and action, and I guarantee everyone of you, that you have many many supporters across the Atlanticin in that endevour, even though the movement over here is not very visible yet. The snowball of 9/11 truth and resistance to the manipulating, violent and fascistic parts of the north-american and european "elite" is moving now, and we are some here in Europe who are trying our level best to flash the flag of 9/11 (and false-flag operation generally, cf. fx. 'Gladio') truth wherever and however we can; but our coorporate media are just as silent as yours, with only a lame blurp here and there - and mostly blurps that tries to counter the "mentally disturbed conspiracy-loonies".

La Fayette and von Steuben have many heirs in Europe!

P.S. As I said, 'Wojnas's 9/11-rap is great, but it is a little unfortunate, though, that the flawed Pentagon-analysis (the 'too small-hole'-, the 'not-enough-debris'- and, generally, the 'no plane-theory') is promoted. As Jim Hoffman has pointed out, the Pentagon attack is best left alone, since it is very difficult to draw any positive conclusions from the evidence we have (and don't have). The most we can do here, is poke on the fact, that we are not allowed to se the other videorecordings of the attack wich definitely must exist.