Newcomer's Take

In the two months that I have been a specifically 9/11 "truther" I have:
- opened the door to a potentially eight-part South Bay Philosophy Club Meeting which would begin with
- the rules of evidence collection, etc, by a local Chief Investigator with whom I've been acquainted for five years
- sorted through enough mis/disinfo to retch
- caught up on some alternative media?!
- met with the local 9/11 truth membership
- brainstormed towards a "science" of dissemination, viz., how to be "fishers of men," knowing exactly what method requires which tools, ie., casting hooks for big fish only, or finer nets for larger hauls, what would those nets be, precisely, in non-metaphorical terms, etc.
- cool street-side sign idea, to support the other signs: rectangle shaped red sign with white trim/lettering EMERGENCE IS URGENT (two rows, same spacing) or "Ignorance is Complicity" or "Don't Buy the LIE" whilst waving deception dollars...
- found a need for a comprehensive disclosure of systematic organization which I'm tossing around, the idea in rough: a visual map or grid of "duties specific to the individual" by which groups of individuals could contribute their best efforts according to their suits, theoretically on the wing, as well. Imagine classifying roles and their relations to each other - some people stay way out of the fray and pass out form letters for local judges, community members, etc, others troop around the streets, staying out of trouble, while still others research and compile lists of references to hand to the "recruiters" on the front line. There could be any number of attachments to the cover sheet/flow chart whereby we would have an instant resource for people wondering what to do, and an array of "technitions" trying to convince people of an array of dispositions (by which I mean, figuratively speaking, blunt force for the forcibly ignorant in contradistinction to "an easy touch" for those who could suffer). The front lines should have "sensitivity training," perhaps, or at least enough sense to honor the dead and dying. I've just tonight watched Richard Gage? that right...? seems perfect for my detective buddy. In the same way, after a member of the general public "takes the bait of truth" they need to be directed to an appropriate documentary, ie, "Judy's" eyes opened wide, her brow furled, "shock and awe," slow acceptance, can't stop thinking about it, wants to see more, picks up this flow chart and goes on to "Loose Change," and then to David Ray Griffin, but maybe not all the way to Alex Jones, you know? Ohers, like an old friend of mine, would prefer it straight from A. Jones...
- I really have no idea what the numbers are but when I suggest a sign in red with white trim "EMERGENCE IS URGENT" I really mean "please God don't tell me I waited too long to act." Enough of diversity (and I think just about every time I've listened to Chomsky he's said) "solidarity... solidarity... solidarity." It seems obvious to me that 9/11 Truth is the thread that could unravel the "wool blindfold" if we start badgering ALL OF OUR PUBLIC OFFICIALS - to which end I will likely start writing form letters. P'haps we need to pursue lawsuits against local media if we can't get them to print or air relevant news...?
- I heard Dr. Bob Bowman say that the war is here at home, and that we were fighting for THEM, our soldiers, not vice-versa - I concur. Our battle is now with ourselves, each other, ignorance and fear. "Who is there then, amid these dangers of our era, to guard and champion humanity, the inviolable sacred treasure..." (Nietzsche's "Untimely Meditations," 150).

- I'm under the impression that every action-oriented individual ought to spend at least a little time counter-commenting on popular sites. Even going so far as to seek out unrelated sites that have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of hits in order to reach the wider potential audience.
We have a) Researchers, b) Activists, c) Film-makers, d) Common public, is there an active campaign of "counter-counter-media?" If all "truthers" spend a half-hour per week counter-campaigning the message could inflitrate the awareness of the masses. As an example, I will spend maybe several hours hitting every site I can "pumping the jam," by which I mean: ignoring the "debate" and crying out positive support in the comment columns, "Go! Go! Go, People! Spread the TRUTH! The SECRET WAR IS DOMESTIC! " etc, remaining positive, encouraging, a voice in the darkness, never an admission of defeat or deflation, "Get some rest and come back REVITALIZED! Let's go! Go! Go!" That kind of stuff, I'm on it, how 'bout you?
In fact, how much time is spent on non-productive tangents in contrast to front-line recruiting? Please either post productive references or a "rhetoric of recruitment;" as a newcomer I am overwhelmed by the amount of what some of us call "verbal diarrhea."
Some fight for family and freedom, others walk away when you need 'em...Godspeed