Rosie O'Donnell continues to speak out about WTC 7

Posted by ro on July 21st at 11:04pm in ask ro

marc writes:

rosie: u dont like the war? your choice! but you’re a disgraceful apologist for terrorists when u dispute the tower collapse! jet fuel on fire warps steel; joists weakened; floors pancaked! be smart!

Rosie writes:

wake up
watch building 7 fall
see 4 urself

She needs to get off her ass

And DO something!

Being wealthy and not using your money and power and resources and all the rest that comes with it has to be one of the definitions of "worthless person".

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent, Forensic 9/11ologist

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Dear doughnut........

i somewhat agree ,however she did stand up,and took a ton of S**t for getting it out on national tv. So i would say give her a little slack. I think we have'nt heard the last from her.

Popular Mechanics - convinced Rosie!

from her blog,.

" Did U Have ?s Re 9/11 From Very Beginning, Or Did It Take A While? Took About A Yr 4 Me To Accept My Own ?s.

truth is
a year a go
on the view - bill geddie booked
the popular mechanics article guy

and after meeting him
i decided to research for myself
hinky "

Wow! the popular mechanics guys actually pushed so much crap at least one person was convinced they where lieing and researched it themselves!! bravo PM! you guys just keep up your pathetic lies and soon everyone will be convinced of 9/11 truth!