9/11 First Responder Doo Wap Benefit Concert

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Jon Gold

Yesterday, I went to the 9/11 First Responder benefit concert held by John Feal, and the FealGood Foundation. Don, and Marie were nice enough to accompany me. Don was my... ehem... navigator, and Marie had a good time with the camera. The trip that should have taken us 2 hours took 4 and a half instead. Along the way, we saw Spiderman, a topless cowgirl, the David Letterman show, Times Square, the Empire State Building, a multitude of shops, and the great people of New York City. We also had an unfortunate, and "weird" run-in with the law. I'd never been pulled over before at a "checkpoint." I wonder if this is commonplace in New York City. To Don, it reminded him of the phrase "papers please" that was often spoken in Nazi Germany.

The concert, and everyone there was amazing. I had some of the most interesting conversations with people, and yes, a lot of them are "hip" to 9/11 Truth. Meeting people like Joe Zadroga, father of James Zadroga, and Vito Valenti was very cool. When James Zadroga passed away, I felt an anger unlike anything I'd ever felt before. For years, I had heard from Jenna Orkin about the environmental impact of 9/11, but no one that I knew of had ever died from it before. As a result, I wrote an article entitled "A Fallen Hero", and started this thread where I've collected every article possible with regard to the 9/11 First Responders, and New Yorkers that are sick. I've used the information in that thread to write a lot of the articles for the fund-raisers, and for other articles written on the subject.

The music was great. I knew a lot more songs than I thought I would, and the guys who originally sung, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" were there, and that song sounded great.

Last night I received the first award I'd ever gotten in life. I am now an "Honorary Director" of the FealGood Foundation. I want to thank John, Ann Marie, Vito, Al, Frank, Sean, and Joe for the honor.

That award is dedicated to everyone that attended last night's concert, and to everyone in the movement that donated during the fund-raisers. I would also like to dedicate it to my Grandfather, for whom I dedicated my 9/11 research to.

Again, thanks to Don and Marie for tagging along, and thanks to Andrew for the great directions home.

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