911 Sleight of Hand Demoltion charges REVEALED pt#2

This video reveals yet more charges going off.

Sleight of hand. To support the theory of controlled demolitons at the WTC with out it being to obvious, the best thing to do would to seperate the demo sequences.

While everybody is watching the obvious, look at whats hidden in plain site.

Watch and share full screen at www.webFives.com

I had to use webfive coz' youtube is poor quality.

Download Link?

Anyone? My standard tools haven't been able to grab the vid..

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

Good video, but "some say

Good video, but "some say this is the beginning of the... End"? You need to add hope, instead it should have said - "Some say this the beginning of... Truth Revolution". Or something galvanizing and positive at least, not some Biblical "End Times" pessimistic garbage. Again, great video but the "End" bit spoiled it slightly for me.

More to come

As the video quality increases so will the evidence.