FEMA Runs from Confrontation on WTC7 and Camps

FEMA Runs from Confrontation on WTC7 and Camps

FEMA Admits Role of Informing, Monitoring and Controlling Media During Emergency Operations Like the September 11 Attacks

Aaron Dykes / JonesReport.com | July 24, 2007

New York - Reporters from WeAreChange.org and Infowars.com confronted high ranking officials from FEMA on the agency's involvement in misinformation on 9/11 as well as the existence of many hundreds of FEMA camps across the country and in most major cities-- something officials obviously didn't want to discuss.

One such official, Henry Jackson, was working in WTC Building 7 up until its collapse on 9/11. He currently serves as Deputy Commissioner for Technology and spoke at the public event.

FEMA officials briefed the audience on hazard plans for covering "most scenarios," including operations to corral media into centralized reporting locations, monitoring media feeds and "controlling information." That includes informing the public about ongoing emergency situations.

The FEMA chieftan also discussed evacuation on 9/11 and spoke about FEMA's prime role in providing updates on the situation throughout the crisis. Hundreds of police and fire fighters, as well as former Mayor Giuliani were told beforehand that Building 7 would be 'coming down.' Additionally, several media stations, including the BBC and CNN reported the improbable collapse of WTC7 more than twenty minutes before the building actually fell. FEMA explained in its presentation that one of its chief duties is providing information to the media, as well as monitoring and correcting, if necessary, reports by the media.


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